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  1. Thanks Tyler, checked out the site. Have to figure out logistics now.. I would definitely have to tow my bike out there.
  2. On my Yamaha FZ-09 I'm running PCV, O2 Optimizer, Autotune and Quickshifter
  3. Why do motorcycle manufacturers only provide a single narrow band O2 Sensor? From what I understand these only provide AFR's to the ECU within a specific Throttle % / RPM range. Wouldn't it make sense to have a sensor that reads the entire range?
  4. I feel late to this, but do you need any help this year? I would love to come out. Thx
  5. I'm in San Fernando Valley, been wanting to ride Little Tujunga for a while now.
  6. I'm taking the 2-day course at SoW this April and want to be comfortable as possible. I'm betting it will be a bit warm but not too hot. This will be my first time wearing a full suit and wanted to know what if anything should I be wearing under the suit. I've seen some base layer stuff out there on the market but not sure if I should wear a t-shirt or invest in a quality undergarment. I already have a pair of Dianese high-rise socks, but what else should I consider using?
  7. My guess is 110% confidence and knowing how much rider input is actually needed to keep the bike from spilling.
  8. When using the schools' BMW's, are the bike's suspension adjusted for each student or does everyone ride with the same setup? More specifically, is the preload setup for the individuals weight?
  9. My first 2-day course is in April, I would like to train prior to avoid any fatigue during the school. Are there any excersises or stretching I should be doing on / off my bike to prepare for the school? Currently when I ride in canyons I find myself slightly shifting my butt and sticking my knee out before entering a corner. I find it takes less energy and gives me better control when leaning over the bike. Although BP is probably not covered in this 2-day course, If I find myself practicing it will it affect my training or should I avoid it and just keep my knees tucked in the whole t
  10. If they covered your bike, do you think they will cover you if you wreck one of the school bikes?
  11. Officially signed up for April 21 2-day course at Willow, I'm so excited! Now I have to make a shopping list of things to bring etc.. So far all I have is: -AGV Helmet -Alpine Stars full gloves -Dianese Track boots Can anyone point me to a thread to help me out?? Hotel recomendations?
  12. Hello, I've been riding off and on for 10 years on the street. The one thing on my bucket list is to drag a knee (maybe elbow) around a corner, something till this day I would not dare to do on the streets. I always knew when I did do it I would do it on the track, and perfect it there as well. I've ridden all types of bikes but only owned really fast ones I feel I'm at 60% of my target when it comes to comfort when leaning in corners. 90% for high speed cruising and 70% for braking. I guess how this translates is I need to further develop my corning and braking techniques. Whic
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