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  1. Hi Ho,


    I'm a lifelong motorcyclist but haven't been on a track in about 30 years (I'm 55 years old now). I'm signed up for the 2 day camp at VIR in May and then plan to continue to improve my riding at track days in the mid-Atlantic area. I've been riding a BMW K1600GT over the past couple of years doing multi-day rides to West Virginia and Western NC to multi-week, several thousand mile trips all over the US and Canada.


    I'm betting the CSS 2-day camp is going to light the fuse again for track riding so I've just recently jumped on a new S1000RR for my sport bike fix and track day ride. I'm at a loss for words on how much I'm looking forward to the 2 day camp with the goal of programming out those pesky SRs and installing some skills to replace them. I'm interested in riding with pace and more safety margin on both the track and the street.





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