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  1. I don't have any good images but this is the latest I have. My understanding is that hanging off more allows for more speed with less lean angle. The flip side is that it usually requires more effort. Some will say not to waste the effort if it is not needed. I just make sure I am fit because I'd rather have the available option of more lean than to be without it. Really, I am not sure where I actually am in the spectrum of on the bike or leaning all the way off but I feel like I found a good balance. I tend to vary how much I hang off depending on the corner and speed. Also, I feel
  2. I was COTA last weekend also. Those leathers don't look too bad. I had a standard leather worker add a patch to mine after a low side just to reinforce an area. It wasn't pretty or anything but it did the job. There was a guy at COTA in 2A who's suit looked like a patchwork of accidents. I don't think any part of that suit was untouched. There were some seams zip tied and I think others that looked like yarn holding it together. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  3. I stream both MotoGP and WSBK using the videopass. I used to watch them on Fox and BeIN Sports respectively but without a DVR it was difficult getting up early/staying up late to watch them. For Moto2/3, they only had them in standard definition sometime later in the day. Obviously, motorcycle racing doesn't have quite the same following in the states so programming isn't that important. The MotoAmerica PR guy on ZX6R forums says there should be an improvement with streaming this year. He mentioned that last year they were pretty lucky to get all the stuff they were able to in that amo
  4. Looks like I am a bit late on this but I use the TechSpec Snake Skins. Depending on the bike, the kits are a pretty good deal. For the 636, I get two pads per side (tank and fairings) and the one in the middle of the tank. It offers greate coverage depending on your position on the bike. I know many use Stompgrip also.
  5. I do squats with my legs spread about peg width. I also squat with more bias from one side to the other like transitioning from side to side. Basically, as I am squatting down, move to the right or left and then come back up to center. As for leg strength, it could just be the way you are locking your leg on. If you find the correct leg lock position on the outside leg, it should be almost effortless. The dip down is most likely for the same reason. Since you are heavily weighting your inside leg, you are applying extra pressure to move yourself back up causing the bike to dip. You s
  6. Interesting topic since in another forum they were talking about it for local races also. Pirelli makes a Diablo Wet for such conditions.
  7. Confidence is a big part of riding (especially while riding fast) and feeling comfortable with your bike boosts confidence so yes, it's entirely possible that will make a difference.
  8. What filters and what has you second guessing? I was running Purolator, tried a Mobil and I am currently running Fram synthetic so I can change the oil a few times but keep the filter. Either way, I have never had an issue.
  9. When I bought the ZX6R, the first upgrade was frame sliders. After a few rides, I realized the non-adjustable clutch lever just wouldn't work so I bought adjustable levers. I then bought a fender eliminator, OK, normally I am more about functionality but come on, those stock fenders are nasty. I then bought some Techspec tank pads because a little extra grip while hanging off is always nice. Braided brake lines? Of course. I went with some Core Moto's when previously went with Spiegler. I like the Core Moto having stock mounting point bushing's, a nice touch. Engine covers (GB) next.
  10. Jokes aside, how often do people mistake the difference between Austria and Australia that you have to make a point of it? I agree with above. I come from Nebraska, most places have better riding/scenery than here.
  11. Specific to tire wear, this guy summarized it and credits Dave Moss in the link. There are other sites that pretty much show the same thing also. http://biketrackdayshub.com/motorcycle-tyre-wear-guide/ If you have stock suspension or aftermarket, the manual should explain how to make the changes. If you are unsure, you could list your stock or aftermarket suspension and we can help you out. If you don't know what your suspension is, that is a different story. Usually, you can set it to one end or the other, compress and/or release (settle) and that should tell you how you adjusted
  12. If I am not mistaken, isn't half a cheek off just a good baseline recommendation? Also, I believe it requires moving your upper body over to stay inline with the bike which I don't see in the images posted. Of course, it is about what feels comfortable to you. There are many fast riders that may not have the "ideal" body position. Trying to mirror Marc Marquez on our bikes and at our speeds doesn't make sense either. Do you have tank pads? They really help with grip when leaned over. I have only ridden two bikes on the track but I know bikes fit people differently. I could never get
  13. Interesting comment. I only say that because this is what I do. Well, I have no idea what my lean angle is (I just go until my knee touches) but I'd rather get off the bike and have lean available than be at full lean with no more options. That being said, it does take a bit more energy so it's good to be in shape.
  14. I find the Q3's to get that feeling also. I call it squirmy and in MotoUSA's tire shootout, they mentioned the same thing. They also used the term flex but not necessarily in a bad way. My Q3 experience is only on the 650 though. On the 636, it comes stock with S20's. I have yet to feel anything from them. Helps and hurts confidence? It has me a bit worried because someone who races mentioned they never feel anything from Bridgestones and they just let go. He is a Pirelli fan because he says he can feel what they are doing. Anyway, I have one more track day on the S20's and then h
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