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  1. Yes it was. It was quite a day, one we will never forget! Going to the new racer school, out on the track, back in the classroom, back on the track all day long till my first race that same day which happened to be the first ever race put on by MotoWest GP. My dad introduced me to off road riding in Jr. High School. Got the urge to get a street bike in April 2012, the R1 we race now. I realized I was going to get into trouble trying to ride quick in the local canyons, etc and decided to take it off the street. Best decision made. Gettting to know other racers, the friendships made in that new racer class and all the helpful advise there is at the track from other riders has been far better and safer than any quick thrill on the road. We recently did another race first with MotoWest GP. They started doing an endurance race, 20 laps. It was awsome to go that distance. Might have to sit out the next one as we probably will have to give up one race weekend to help pay for the Two-Day Camp however I am sure it will be worth it.
  2. Hi everyone, I am Ron Cole and started racing in March 2013 at Willow Springs Raceway with MotoWest GP. At the start of the 2014 season we realized I needed help to get better. Our mentors at the track recommended going to CSS. We signed up for the Two-Day Camp next Monday on April 21-22. I do mention "we" a lot. My dad is very important to the success or my racing, could not do it without his help. He maintains our 2012 YZF-R1 and manages all the aspects of our racing except twisting the throttle, my job... Looking forward to next Monday! Ron and Lee Cole Cole Racing
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