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  1. When you say "race grade" traction control, do you mean something that uses more than wheel speed sensors like the s1000rr? The TC on the R1 has already stepped in a few times on mine and I haven't been unhappy with its behaviour, but maybe for a real fast rider it would be different.
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone on here have any experience with running these tyres? I have a set on my R1 which came with the bike. I understand that they're technically a "sport touring" tyre, but from what I read Ron Haslam's race school bikes run them. Although I plan to buy something grippier next time, I'm interested to hear if anyone else has used them?
  3. Thanks Tyler. I wouldn't normally write such a big essay as a 1st post, but after reading some of the threads in the cornering section, I figured "hey, these guys can handle a bit of text"
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Nick, and I’m from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. While I’ve always been interested in anything with an engine and some wheels, particularly anything fast, my motorcycling life didn’t begin until I decided I would go and get my motorcycle license at age 21, back in 2007. I rode around on the Q-Ride instructors’ learner-bikes, unintimidating machines like the CB250, CB400 and GS500’s and had a great time. Eventually I was loaned a friends cbr250rr, which after those other learner bikes felt like the fastest machine in the world, sounding like it was revvin
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