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  1. Glad you like it! I have a 2017 fireblade, just the base model one with the honda quick shifter as an add on, and to be honest downshifting with the auto slipper is freaking cool, but up shifting at WOT and high up in the rev range is absolutely as there is a noticeable lag between the gear change and the power being delivered to the rear wheel. So much so that i wouldn't shift using it while leaned over out of corners it upsets the chases so much. It's been back to the dealership who have reinstalled it and all their technicians ahem say theres nothing wrong with it.... I have a friend who races in the australian super bike championship over here and he has ridden it and says theres no way he would race with it.
  2. From my own perspective, riding sports bikes on the road predominantly for the majority of my riding journey, body positioning wise i was always right up on the tank. Then getting into doing track days and having help from instructors and youtube haha, when you actually get your body into the correct position for hanging off, it feels totally exaggerated and foreign and yes quite uncomfortable for a long time. For me, i definitely wasn't flexible enough so i stretch religiously now, having a crash and breaking my pelvis in 2013 didn't help and its been tough i have to admit, particularly for me getting me hips turned into the corner so it's a work in progress. And it still feels foreign at the moment. These pros don't really ride on the road and i would think they started when they were kids and have been shown the proper position right from the start so it's just second nature to them whereas for me it's not. Just my 2c!
  3. Not a stupid question at all, and i think all of us do it probably more often than we care to admit! Generally speaking adding more lean angle isn't the issue, given that the tyre is warm and the road not too slippery etc. Adding more lean and more throttle is definitely a no no. Where the limit is? Well if you aren't using all of your front tyre then i would think the limit is still a fair way off, but i'm sure there are more knowledgeable folks than me who will chime in :-)
  4. Tank grip definitely helps in this regard.
  5. Those round black things are pretty important!
  6. Hotfoot is no gentleman... And lady!
  7. This is a metzeler k2 racetek, with 29psi cold in it, hot temp after coming off track was 34psi
  8. Thanks for your input gentlemen :-) And the more i think about rotating my hips into the turn the more it makes sense, especially in getting a really good lock onto the tank with my outside leg, which in turn results in greater stability and will let me be more comfortable with getting off the side of the bike more. You guys are worth the price of admission
  9. To critique myself i would say that it looks like i have enough of my lower body off the seat. Move back a bit more, and try to lay flatter on the tank while getting my upper body lot more off the side, try to get my head in line with the mirrors. And dropping the inside elbow down a lot more. It's quite amusing because at the time i was thinking wow i'm really hanging off this thing, why isn't my kneedown yet, and then you get the pictures and go oooohhhhhh
  10. A bit of sleep and my brain started functioning again :-)
  11. 3 in the morning, can't find the add attachment thing, will come back to this zzzz
  12. Not too sure on how to post pics just yet!
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