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  1. Not sure about everyone else, but as the arctic tundra that is the NYC-area begins to (slowly) thaw, I'm getting excited for riding season! My question is - which level/format is right for me this year? Last summer, I completed a two-day camp (levels 1 & 2) at NJMP. That was my first track experience after three years of street riding so, it was an awful lot to take in. I think I held my own and showed good improvement by the end of day two. More importantly, I certainly felt comfortable with the materials and, though not the fastest, understood everything being taught to me. My feeling though is that I should really partake in a few years of track days on my own before doing another two-day camp for levels 3 & 4. I feel that as a new-ish rider, I'd better better off continuing to practice and refine the level 1 & 2 lessons before tackling 3 & 4. But, still wanting to get in at least one track day in this year though, my thought then was to attend a one day camp at level 2. Thoughts?
  2. Hi Everyone, Just discovered the forum as I continue to work on the skills taught to me at the NJMP 2-day camp held last August 6 & 7. I thought it would be a good idea to register, participate in some of the discussions, and see if the community can help me with some of my own issues. First, I wanted to again thank the entire CSS staff for an absolutely first-class experience. As a very new rider (3k street miles in two years!) I came to a crossroads - put in the time to ride more & seek instruction to become a better/safer rider, or sell the bike and move on. I started riding as a way of escaping the 9-5, and like most of you, quickly found that it's turned into an obsession. So, I decided to learn as much about the sport as possible, ride more (a LOT more), and develop my skills. That's how I came across Twist of the Wrist and CSS this past year. Shout out to my instructors Ben and Cobie for their patience and professionalism. They really took the time to work with me on my own personal strengths and weaknesses. That personal attention and level of professionalism & experience is surely what separates CSS from the rest. I cannot believe how much my skills improved in two days (Cobie - I earned one of your outstanding student tokens!). I've seen others here say the same thing but - wow. I found the classroom sessions highly informative and clear. As someone who learns by understanding the "why" of something, learning exactly what it is about throttle control (for example) that makes cornering easier really made the lessons click for me. The little on-track adjustments my instructors made also helped me arrive at several "ah-ha!" moments - nothing like being forced to counter-lean for half a lap to make you appreciate and understand proper body position! Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone at the forum. I'm hoping to return for levels 3 & 4 in '15, but am hoping to buy a track-dedicated bike this winter and do some independent track days first. I'll be looking for some advice in the regard soon. Thanks All P.S. - CSS has already paid off. Hit a nasty patch of sand two weeks ago while leaned over a bit on the street. I could almost hear the instructors in my head as I mainted steady throttle and let the bike regain traction.
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