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  1. Thanks Hotfoot. That helps me à lot. I was confused reading different advices. Have a good day.
  2. Hi there, i am now teaching countersteering by teaching first to lean the upper body, then applying Palm pressure to push forward with various intensity levels and duration, then going with the bike with the upper body then the head. It's amazing how smooth and efficient it is. I have two questions: Will the use of the knees against the tank give à better understanding of going with the bike? If yes, which knee will be better? In a turn, once we lean the bike, do we lean it until it goes to the apex, keeping the pressure until the bike point towards it, or do we lean it to set a lean angle then wait for it To point towards the apex? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I just tried this today, holding the inside bar as if it was a screwdriver. What helped me to understand the hand position is to keep the bar end into my palm. You then just have 2 or 3 fingers rotating the throttle. It 's amazing how relaxed and in control I was.
  4. Yes Vic, that helps a lot. Thanks for answering me. Take care.
  5. By release, I mean relief. I couldn't use your materials without your approval. Thanks a lot.
  6. Thanks Kieth, I will try to notice what I'm doing and adjust it. It's a release to know that I can use your books and videos to help my students. Take care and have a good day.
  7. Also, you can look at " contre-braquage" which is the french name for countersteering. This is me riding a FJR, showing countersteering. I thought I was right. But from what I know now, I guess I was wrong! Pushing the bike under and away...gasp.
  8. Hi Keith, I'm sorry for the delay to your question. I am not working for now but will in December if the lockdown is over in France, in a driving/riding school named "auto ecole Plan Benjamin" in Aubenas, a small town in Ardeche. I'm an instructor since 1994. The reasons I'm asking for that is not to steal your work, it's just that everything you say and do, everything you teach, is right. When I passed my riding license, nobody explained me how to countersteer, how to brake, how to lock my body,etc. When I look at the way we teach our students how to ride, I realize that most of us, instructors, teach it the wrong way. And sometimes we don't know how to help students. I'm asking because I want to teach the good techniques to my students. You can have a look at "plateau moto 2020", "Trajectoire de sécurité", or AFDM and you'll have an idea of how it's done here. So, if you don't want to answer, I will understand, but let me tell you that you are doing a great job. Thanks and have a good day.
  9. Hi there, As said before, I'm a riding instructor. One thing confuses me when I teach countersteering. Students have to ride a slalom in third gear, 25 mph, constant speed, and countersteer around some plots. When they add pressure on the inside bar, the bike steers, that's ok. But when they release the pressure, the bike stands up. Is it related to the body position, the constant speed, some kind of increase in the speed? Any thought on this? Has someone already experienced this? Also, do you think that countersteering at slow speed can be done? Thanks and have a good day.
  10. Sorry... I made a mistake again, reading too fast... you don't push the body forward. I'll try to find a better verb...
  11. Yes it does! Sorry for the wrong word. Press would be bxetter, wouldn't it? Thanks
  12. Thanks Cobie, that's what I understood. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's a push of the upper body forward to add pressure to the inside bar, not a rotation of the upper body, isn't it?
  13. Hi there, My name is Olivier, I'm French. I work as a riding and driving instructor. I'm 51. Got my license in 1991 and rode a lot of different bikes since then, mostly sportbikes. My bike is a Honda Seven Fifty. Not a lot of technology in it, but that's what I'm looking for, so that I can improve mine....
  14. Hi guys, I hope you're all doing good. My name is Olivier, and I'm a riding instructor in France. I never took a CSS class, as we don't have a French CSS. But I read the books, watched the videos and been lurking on the forum. This one is the best I've ever seen on motorcycle riding. I trully believe that the techniques described by Keith can be used on the road. I had a flash yesterday. Correct me if I'm wrong, but PS is not rotating around your knee: it's all about pushing your body forward, isn't it? Thanks and have a good day.
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