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  1. Let me know if you decide to go for the one day class to VIR, I might join you. I'll PM you my info, I'll talk to my friends and see if we are doing Jennings this year too.
  2. Have you ever done a day with CSS? My thought was to do 1 day with my bike to see if it works for me, then go for the 2 day camp at Laguna with their fancy BMWs. I am only an hour away from Laguna and would really like to do it. Jennings is also in my list! I hear great things about that track. I have friends that are also wanting to go to Jennings, let me know if you ever need someone to share a ride.
  3. Hey csmith, where in KY? VIR sounds really good. I am going to do a bunch of Barbers this year and the May date conflicts with a scheduled trip, so Barber might be out. Are you doing one day thing or the 2-day camp?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'll be definitely reading the material you suggested. I would love to be able to attend the May class at Barber but don't know if I'll make it in time, have a lot of things to read about CSS. VIR is in my list as well as Laguna, but looks like I'll have to rent a bike for Laguna due to noise restrictions. I ride an ex-racing GSXR 750, speed is not much of a thrill for me as much as is it technical tracks, that's why I keep going to Barber. I'll probably come back here soon with more questions. I really want to have some formal training, just need to figure out what and when
  5. Hello, new to forum here. I've been doing track days for the past 2 years (10 track weekends) in Novice, mostly at Barber, and I am considering going for classes this year. I have to do some reading about your classes and how it would work for me if I wanted to go to Barber. If you have any links to suggest that I should start reading, feel free to reply. I am completely new at this. Some more background (just thought of this), I live in KY so Barber is about 8hrs drive south for me... but I work at San Jose, CA, about 1hr north of Laguna. I have considered doing either one but need to understand the differences between a Laguna class and a Barber class. Mario
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