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  1. Excellent questions as I too have seen advanced riders and racers at track days hit the track with no slicks tread indicators remaining. While I try to limit my slicks to a maximum of two track days, I worked with a track day safety rider on some turning points that was on his 11th track day on the same set of slicks. He said they were like wet tires until they warmed up but after that they ran at about 75% grip. I would have assumed they would have dropped off to 5%.
  2. Dylan, thanks for sharing. As a biker and moto-biker these concepts always intrigue me. I agree with you JB, you do have to read the W h o l e a r t i c l e...
  3. powayTom

    16 Rr Race Prep

    Dylan and Jeremiah, do the same recommendations apply to a 2014 model, pre-electronics on the suspension? Avoid the ECU also? Bike handles great on the track in SLICK mode. Seems like a new exhaust just makes it sound different.
  4. I have DirectTV too. I ordered the least expensive package with a Whole House DVR and one remote TV with a minimal sports package that had BEin Sports. I used the SEARCH function and searched for "GP", and MotoGP shows up. I set up the DVR to record all MotoGP, and MotoAmerica Events and I get them all, and can watch them whenever I want. You do need to go into the "Series Options" and check "Record ALL" (or it stops at 5) and add a 1 hour extension to the recordings (or you will be watching a race after a red flag delay and it will stop with 3 laps to go...aghhh). I watched the MotoGP Qualifications this morning (all three classes) in the garage (aka Man Cave) while I cleaned the bike and checked tire pressures before heading out to canyon run this morning. Yea...it was an excuse to go to the Man Cave. I won't spoil anything but Zarco's race position surprised me. JB, how can you not watch the MotoGP2 and MotoGP3 events? I find I learn more about bike control watching the 2s and 3s. The bikes are so close the only difference are the riders and their techniques. How can you appreciate Zarco in the Premier if you never saw his strategies in the 2s? I will admit that I don't watch the races as close as the Premier, especially while maintaining the RR, but it is still great to hear the event unfold and watch whenever the broadcasters voices raise a few octaves. Spaget, I get all the MA events, you may have to check your settings. Of course I watch nothing live so as long as the races end up on the DVR for my weekday evening viewing I am happy.
  5. OOps; just checked the MotoGP website and I see she had 7 points in 2016, and 9 in 2015, and she already has a point earned for placing 15th in Argentina. Humpf. Guess she is doing better than I thought. Of course all the racers are like alien riders when compared to all us non-elbow-draggers.
  6. What about Maria Herrera and her bid to set a mark in MotoGP? I always find myself watching the race to see her result. Last year she had a position for points and then crashed on the last, or second to last lap. That has to be a huge bummer. aghh.
  7. I experienced this quite a bit when mountain bike racing over the years and on the motorcycle in high temps or when I am pushing limits. On hot days, when I was unable to absorb enough fluids, sugars, or electrolytes I got, and still get, sand paper neck. I usually don't notice the crunchies until I am off the bike and the adrenaline kicks back a notch or two. Without the noise of the mountain bike and heavy breathing it becomes really obvious. For my fitness level I was using electrolye drinks in my camelbak, sugar via shot-blocks or gu, and long distance carbs via Clif bars. The least amount of sand paper was when I was taking in as much fluid capacity as possible without getting sick (right at the point of water intoxication). I tried 9 different electrolyte mixes, drinks and powders over the years, I also tried pills with the drinks. Due to taste, there were only 4 drinks I actually used during racing. The pills your team provided during training were a great source to stave off cramping. I also used Sport Legs, several products by Hammer, and Optigen. No endorsement here, just laying out the groundwork to show testing for my particular fitness was above what most would have the patience to push through. The best combination for ME, for MY Fitness (which changes with seasons unfortunately), to push back against the sand paper continues to be a Gu make electrolyte product. Admission: When first going to school with CSS I found out that most of my motorcycle sand paper was due to my helmet sitting too low. Dylan fixed that with two foam blocks, which to this day I am still amazed at the immediate difference.
  8. Roadracing World new issue came in the mail last night. Of course I was immediately involved since a shot of the 93 at COTA was on the cover. I was checking out the angle of Marc's elbow as it cleared the track surface when I noticed the words "coach" and "private racetrack" caught my eye. Quickly, the pages flipped past the Zarco story and stopped on page 44. What the.....oh, there it is, on page 46. The private track, and a great story by Misti about her summons to Manor Wilzig, to teach the future ? Mrs. Alan Wilzig. Any more details will have to be gleaned from reading the article yourself. All I have to say is, when is the road trip to the private museum? Just saying...
  9. Did the entire clip-on fall off or just the grip? Can't imagine riding my mountain bike without a grip let alone my motorcycle.
  10. Thank you for the reminder HF; the screwdriver grip is a great tool that slips my mind (lazy from street riding). Just returned from some "learn to turn" practice on the street twistys and your post reminded me how to align my right arm for a relaxed right turn with a good lock and pivot turn. The flapping elbow is really tough without the SD grip.
  11. Jaybird - excellent suggestion to add the alert. Luckily one of the Moderators added it for me. Gotta love coverage from above; isn't that where the Moderators hang out?, the top of the page?
  12. California has an amazing concentration of public tracks made for sport-bike riding. This should be your sport-bike riding Bucket List, Page 1. I'll save my favorites for last. Willow Springs - Excellent track for high speed runs. Turn 8 is an amazingly fast turn. Turn 2 is the perfect model for throttle control rule number one. But the most fun is turn 3...just appeals to my senses with the visual, the angles, the approach. It just works. Pros - Fast, run off everywhere (although it is dirt), and exciting little backside launch. Cons - Limited shade, wind when it picks up dirt Autoclub Speedway - If you are a NASCAR fan I don't need to list the Pros. Very fast front straightaway to "pin it". Lots of different turn types in one location with some unique transitions. Love Turns 11 and 12 which results in quite a bit of punishment for charging turn 10. The off camber 12 with pavement seam is not happy unless you plan your turn well. Pros - Fast, pavement run offs, everyone gets garage space (if they want it) with power, lights, and air connections for no extra fee. Cons - Most expensive track, freak wind can move around the bike on the front straightaway. Chuckwalla - Great little track to perfect your cornering. I love bowls so 13 is a favorite. Short straightaway for tricky CW runs into Turns 1/2. CCW does not seem to be an issue going into 17/16. Might just be me. Pros - Fixed the facilities so those complaints are gone. Great layout with lots of high speed corners. Cons - In the middle of n o w h e r e , and has no fuel. Eats tires for breakfast. Buttonwillow - Really enjoyed CCW, enjoyed CW too, but not as much. Elevation changes are quick for the small amount they have. Most folks comment on Bus Stop and Sweeper, I found the changes around Grapevine to amuse me the most. Pros - New pavement (thankfully, or this would have been a much different write-up), remote but still around facilities and hotels. Cons - Remote, no garages for the masses. Sonoma/Infineon/Sears Point (or ?) - Would be great if they would stop changing the name. Crown is great, I need Keith to show me how to do Carousel perfectly. I just never get the feeling I have it perfect...there is something missing. The double apex 7, which turns into one apex or other, depending on who is riding it, is a great visual trainer for wide vision. Funny how some turns just say something to you. Pros - Garages are nice but depending on who you ride with may or may not be covered (mostly not), great facilities. Cons - Some track areas could use some love, garages for eveyone! Laguna Seca - Its Laguna, whats to say. If you have never had the back of your throat pushed down to your hips you haven't ridden the corkscrew. Pros - It is Laguna, HELLO! Cons - 2nd most expensive, limited motorcycle track days, Monterey is $$$$. Sound monitoring is %$##*%^ Streets of Willow Springs - Perfect track to learn, perfect, learn, practice, perfect, repeat. Oh, and it has a bowl! Pros - Favorite training track of Keith Code.... I think I read that somewhere. Designed by Keith Code. The chicane is a confidence tester, then builder. Love it. Cons - Facilities are a bit dated but hey, its a track. Wind can be interesting. Thunderhill - My favorite. Favorite layout - Combined East and West. Turn 9C is just crazy fun. The new straightaway from 7W to 10W has a nice little launch pad for those that like to take flight...if you didn't get enough on 9C. 10C will punish you for charging over the hill so pay attention during the sighting lap. Pros - Long, long layout with the combined tracks. FOUR long speed runs, and lots of off camber to train the best. Cons - a long way from SoCal :-(
  13. Watching a recent MotoGP 3 race in LaMans France I was wondering if the forum had any input on the possible rules change to prevent the carnage of racers and bikes. Apparently a rule change has been on the back burner to prevent any crashed rider and bike from returning to the track. Thoughts? I tried starting a poll also.
  14. Answer Man, The tread depth appears quite deep on my new Q3+ tires that I am using for street riding. I also purchased a set of N-Tec slicks for use on the track for honing my skills. Question: Is the traction of the slicks better than the updated technology of the new Q3+ ? Trying to decide what to take to my scheduled CSS in June. Should I put on the new slicks or ride the 400 mile Q3+?
  15. S1000RR only 160# lighter. Must have titanium front forks, magnisium frame, ECU that takes on the fly verbal commands, 3" narrower seat, with 1 1/4" less padding, cornering headlamps, self heating elements on axles to feed heat lined carbon wheels (eliminates need for tiee warmers by heating the wheel and tire casing from the inside), red, white and blue everything, and a voice activated digital readout to talk to riders or students behind you.
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