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  1. Thank you for your input everyone!
  2. Hello, I've been researching the following gloves and was curious what others might have to say on the topic. My local shop has Astars GP Pros and RS Taichi GP-Evos that I've tried on, and the Evos felt much better, but I've heard that Held, Rev'It Jerez and Knox Handroids are also very good in terms of protection and quality fit. I wear protective gear on the street, but am relatively new to the track gear side of things. With most of these gloves being mid $200's and higher I'm curious what others think in terms of protection, fit and quality as I can't try on everything that's out there within my local shops. I'm sure there's a lot of personal preference involved, but does it seem like there is a glove or two out there that "takes the cake" compared to others in terms of quality, fit and protection? I was also curious if Astars seems to be more popular just because they're better at marketing and brand awareness compared to some of the smaller companies or if they truly do seem to be high quality. Maybe I'm over analyzing, but just want to any disappointment and make a good decision. Thanks!
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