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  1. I'm not really disagreeing with your comments - when we loose the front (I'm sure we both have) the tire turns into the turn, what I mean is he doesn't seem to try to counter steer - he lets it plow. I would suggest counter steering would further drive the bike to the ground, but holding the front into the turn would aid in standing the bike up. Two wheeled vehicle - at speed turning the bars into the turn would cause the bike to stand or roll over the center point.
  2. I think what you will notice on a lot of his saves - Is that he plows the front (turns it inward) and opens the throttle, which helps stand the bike up. That being said, its not a tactic I would be overly confident with given how wrong this could go.
  3. Matt, I haven't been to VIR in years but usually there is not an issue getting there the day before. I am also scheduled to be at VIR on May 4th-5th (I'll be riding my own S1000RR) - I will be there Sunday afternoon. Don't know about the tires, but I would just check with JJ as early as possible - He gets pretty busy. Mike
  4. What would be the easiest way to capture video and overlay with data (looking for speed, throttle, and brakes). Looking for advice on specific camera, data logger, and if needed software for the overlay. The BMW data logger provides a lot of info - likely more than I am looking for right now. Basically am looking to achieve the video you get from the camera bike at Superbike School - minus the whole camera boom frame that holds the camera.
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