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  1. Dylan brought up exactly the point one of the riding coaches at Grattan pointed out to me. My entry speeds are too low, so I'm grabbing a handful of throttle to make up for it. This is what I would like to work on at my next CSS visit (CODE Race in October)... The plot below is also MO, but from my DAIR suit instead of the BMW logger. It let me overlay my S1000RR lap (blue) with my other bike (red-Daytona 675R, running Dunlop Q3s). Sorry, the turn numbers are different from the BMW log. I learned all the tracks on my Daytona, and I know I need to adjust my braking points and entry speeds for getting more out of the S1000RR and slicks, but you can see in the overlay that I'm basically riding the two bikes the same, just accelerating and braking harder on the straights with the S1000RR. I'm actually faster through the chicane and keyhole (turns 10 and 11) with the Daytona, and this seems like a mental issue I need to sort out, as the S1000RR should be able to the do the same thing!
  2. Thanks for the responses! I would say the majority of the hard acceleration corners at MO and Grattan (Clockwise) are right handers. I attached a data logger plot of MO - the highest spin at high throttle are the keyhole exit (turn 10 in the plot) and the thunder valley entrance (turn 4 in the plot). I was surprised to see that the logger shows spin through the back straight kink, and this is also on the right side of the tire. I haven't noticed a different body position from one side to the other, however, I do think I feel more confident with right turns - a lot more knee puck wear on that side! I am using the Michelin Power Slick Evo. The Michelin reps at the track have some buzzwords about it (Two Compound Technology (2CT) and Adaptive Technology (ACT)), the gist of which seems to be that there is only one compound and it's supposed to adapt to conditions. I did try a Pirelli Diablo SC2, which I think is their harder compound, and I had a similar wear problem - tearing on the right side. I do use warmers, and I set the tire pressure coming off the warmers; I haven't looked at what the pressure is coming off the track. The outside temp has varied from low 70's to mid 80's. At most, there is a 5 minute wait before coming off the warmers and heading out to the track, and I put the warmers back on within 5 minutes of getting off the track. The Michelin rep told me to run 24psi hot off the warmers, so that is what I've been running. When I asked a riding coach about the tearing at MO, he suggested I run 2 more psi, so I tried running 26psi - this seemed to help a bit. He also suggested I flip the tire when I saw signs of tearing, so I also did that. I did read the forum article here about tearing, but that was afterwards (:>).
  3. Hello, I have an ex-CSS '15 S1000RR that I ride exclusive on track (Mid-Ohio, Grattan, GingerMan). I was using Dunlop Q3s without issues, but recently decided to try out slicks (Pirelli, then Michelin). I keep getting excessive wear on the right side of rear slicks. I've received a number of tips from the tire reps at the track and riding coaches: - it's my riding style, I need to pick up the bike more before accelerating hard. - it's a hot tear, I'm running 2 psi too low (went from 24 psi hot to 26 psi hot on the Michelin. - it's the rear suspension, it's too stiff and you might have your eccentrics (top of rear shock mount and swingarm) set wrong. I did try to change my riding style and played with the pressure, and the tires did last a bit longer (up from 2 days to ~3.5). The last point was the one that was intriguing to me - I've never looked at the eccentrics or thought about them. Since I bought the bike used (and had the rear swingarm removed by a mechanic when I had a full exhaust put on), I don't know if they are set 'stock' or something else. Can someone tell from the pictures whether I have stock settings? Does anyone have experience with how the bike handling will change if set these eccentrics different?
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