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  1. Thank you guys both for the great responses. Do you reckon the great guys of bike racing are able to get as close to the "theoretical maximum grip" of their tires mid-corner as their car racing counterparts? Or would the necessity of bringing the bike up at the end cause any conservation? (Apart from psychological response due to danger) Very nice forum this is!
  2. Edited the OP, you are right regarding what I am asking. But I do not think you'd be able to bring the bike up at all since the moment you put in extra countersteering (turning the bars in to the corner) the bike would start to fall since it would switch to kinetic friction from rolling friction.
  3. When you are at the max lean angle and generating as much grip as the tires you have allow in a steady-state, long corner, how do you exit the turn? I think it is theoretically impossible. You counter-steer into the turn to bring the bike up? That increases the lateral load on tires because you momentarily make the center of mass of the bike+rider system to make a turn, so you fall. You accelerate? You fall. You decelerate? You fall, no matter the method. Just shutting down the throttle a bit would increase the lateral force on the tire espically over 45 degrees of lean angle.
  4. Does anybody have data for center of gravity heights of motorcycles? No matter the model. There really isn't much info on the net about the subject. Please share them if it is without a rider onboard. Thank you
  5. I am new to the forum and I ride a Ducati 1098 currently. I live in ─░stanbul/Turkey
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