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  1. Sanity and hearing are good! That is impressive to watch and incredible the way it makes all the other bikes look like they're barely moving, especially getting on the power out of corners. The squeals occur more the further the video goes on - clearly looks like a kid with a new toy who's starting to play around with it! The one at 3:40m (ish) sounds like he's backing it in, but not sure if this is the case later on - the one at the 7:09 mark sounds like it's coming from the front as he steers, decreases steering and the bike's roll angle before getting back on the steering and power.
  2. Your Bonneville will, obviously, feel more upright than the BMW RR but in your first session (assuming this is your first time at the school) the first couple of laps are slow-speed, follow-the-leader 'sighting laps' which allow one time to adjust to riding position anyway. The first session is usually spent getting used to the track and lines, getting used to the bike, and still early in the day so tyre and track temperatures can still be cool - point being it's not worth going flat out immediately. The coaches really know their stuff and are fantastic at looking after you so you will get a
  3. Hi and welcome! El Colibri covered it quite extensively above. I would add that my first time at the school I used their bike but was apprehensive about riding a sportsbike as I thought it may detract from the learning experience, but they are excellent and surprisingly user-friendly ("pussycat" was the term used!) This was the previous generation S1000RR - maybe someone else on here who has ridden the 2020 version has feedback on it? During the first couple of sessions the bike is in 'Rain' mode (reduced power, more forgiving throttle response) and the option to move it up to 'Sport'
  4. I liked the sound of this too so thought I would try it out before writing. I like the idea of using the outside peg to 'triangulate' a point of the tyres' contact patches to the peg, to create a better idea of where the bike is placed, pretty much as El Colibri found. Also, that our awareness of using that outside peg should already be 'switched on' if we are pivot steering (which I assume we are). As it's new to me, I did find my attention was then slightly focussed at the rear of the bike, which then felt like it was playing catchup as the bike moves forward - perhaps this is just ho
  5. Hi Olivier, Bienvenue! With regards to Pivot Steering/Power Steering; in Twist II video, the analogy of a fencer using their rear foot as a solid foundation describes the technique well. As Cobie said, it is more about "bracing" the lower body and engaging the core - not to push the body forwards, but to prevent it being pushed backwards when we add steering input. Hope that helps a little and maybe see you at school in the future!
  6. If they don't ask they won't get😉 Selling from £31,000 here in the UK, with an additional £4,000 for the MSport Package - which looks like a lot of billeted levers, rearsets, lever guards ( all courtesy of Gilles by the looks of it), carbon wheels and engine casing sliders. Works out to around US$39,000 and $5,000 according to the exchange rate, standard RR here is £15,500/$19,600 Street legal with straight cut gears?!
  7. Hi Merritt C You'll love your time on track with the superbike school! I disagree that the Two-day camp is too intense for first-timers. I attended a two-day camp with just 10 months of riding experience and loved it. The coaches will look after you on-track, as will course control and the instructors in the classroom too. They are a great team who want the best for your time there. Personally, I found the two-day camp really lets you soak up all the information like a sponge then practice at your leisure in your own riding time. You also have two days with the same coach to imp
  8. Resistance bands are good too, and a cheap option.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I agree that showing each of the survival reactions in turn, and the cumulative effect, with the all-too-predictable outcome (going into the scenery!) really hits home how small mistakes can add up. This was a real "ah-haaa" moment for me and something I recognised in my own riding which is what prompted me to come to school in the first place. Favourite part - a Harley rider, in full leathers, quick flicking it on the street! That, and the fact that you got Julian Ryder - the voice of MotoGP - to narrate the film. What I found most eye-opening were
  10. Good news indeed! The new website and format of the schools looks ace as well!
  11. I like some Sex Pistols now and again, but man, that's exhausting to watch! Faffi, there is a pretty interesting documentary called 'Road Riders' (a shoot-off from the film 'Road', about the Dunlop's racing story) about the Irish road racing scene focussing on the club level and weekenders - the other end of the glory scale of the TT! I think it could be on Netflix...
  12. Amazing! Thanks for all the really good info Hotfoot. It's good to get a coach's perspective on it too. It is improvement that I'm aiming for, but definitely some good food for thought.
  13. Hi Hotfoot, Hopefully I'm not asking you to repeat yourself here. I'm planning some school time for late 2020, either at Laguna Seca or Willow Springs. Can I please ask what makes Laguna a great track, as I've never been? Also, from a coach's view, is it a great track for teaching/learning on? I've been to Streets of Willow before and was wondering which one to plan dates around. Is it best to apply the 'new track - old skills', or 'old track - new skills' approach? Or should I be brave and try a new track out?😀
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