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  1. Hey everyone! After watching TOTW 2 i have a lot better understanding of cornering and body position, etc, i've done a lot of research and feel i have a good grasp on most it except for when it comes to corner exits, as well as your body position for twisties. So! 1. For corner exits, you shouldn't lift your butt off the seat to position yourself for the next corner or to center yourself back on the seat until your bike is straight up, but it is safe to center your torso, head, and arms while standing the bike up, you just have to wait till the bike is completely straight up and down to adjust your lower body so you don't risk de-stabilizing the bike. Is this correct?? 2. When you hit up the twisties (intermediate riding, nothing too aggressive) is it necessary to stick your leg out/butt off the seat when cornering, or should you only be using proper your upper body position (outside arm across tank, inside arm pointing down, kissing mirror, and proper vision etc.). I was told it wasn't necessary on the street to move your lower since you wont be dragging knee (my goal on the street isn't to drag knee anyways, i just want to practice proper body position, throttle control, vision techniques, and lines). My confusion is because on some videos i see riders who aren't in steep lean angles stick there knees out anyways, and others who just stick their upper body out. With only the upper body pushed out, are you still shifting the center of gravity? I just want to know what you guys do/recommend is proper. Thanks again for any input/recommendation!!
  2. Thanks to all that replied! I finally watched TOTW 2 and i definitely have a better understanding now. I plan on getting the book and reading it here soon too ??
  3. Once the weather cools off more, i'm looking into doing my first track day! In the meantime, i'm researching cornering and body techniques but im confused when in comes to what you should be doing with the throttle once you hit your turn-in point. According to the multiple sites i've visited and videos i've watched people either 1. Engine brake through the turn-in point, until they finish leaning over then they gradually/smoothly apply throttle through the apex and exit. 2. Use "Maintenance Throttle" through the turn-in point, again until your at your desired lean angle then gradually apply throttle through the apex and exit. 3. At the turn in point gradually start applying throttle through the entire corner and exit (Although i thought when you apply lean angle you shouldn't be applying throttle at the same time?) Are these just different cornering techniques used? Is it safe to engine brake through a corner? Is one more effective/practical (such as for Street vs Track?) I'm as new as it comes to this, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!!
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