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  1. Thank you so much for the info! After looking at cab costs I have already decided to rent a car... its cheaper and gives me the freedom to come and go as I please. Hotfoot, your answer on conditioning is exactly what I was looking for... when I CR slower groups I do exactly what you suggest to conserve energy, and will do the same while I'm working on early drills / looking for reference points. Red Baron, thanks for the info... I'll look into the trump hotel. We are currently booked at Bally's as we do drink and gamble and they were nice enough to give us a VERY cheap room to bring us back (haven't been back to Vegas in 5 years since we quit smoking). However the lack of old smoke smell would be nice.
  2. I just signed up for a two-day camp in Vegas in the middle of November, and I’m excited! I haven’t done a CSS since May of 2019 & it will be my first 2-day camp! I need some help in identifying some bad habits and figure 2 days of level 4 is the best way to get me back on the right track. Some things I’m working on to prepare for class are… Figure out best way to and from the track, I will be staying on the strip with my wife. I would appreciate any suggestions. Learn the track Is the layout is the same as on the map here track map Can anyone confirm if the track will be run counter-clockwise both days (The map says Day 1, does it change for day 2)? Review my notes from previous classes & twist of the wrist 1 & 2 Work on conditioning… When I ride for me at a track day I tend to get sore / tired and skip a session or two, when I Control Ride (intermediate 1 or novice), I find I have no issues. I figured the slower, learning pace would likely be easier on my body (like control riding), but wanted to see if others could confirm? It was hard deciding to do this at the end of November rather than the beginning of the season. I’ll have to wait until February or March before I get to put it to use… I just hope I can use what I learn to reset bad habits I have picked up and carry it into 2022. Can't wait to see you in November! -Steve
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