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  1. that how both machines looks, with 4 tires you can squad super low, a bike, 17in wheels is not going anywhere, if you spread the bike body to both sides, you cant lean much. bike will always look like that. is it possible attach a 3 feet gryo wing in the front to increase front grip, and a 3 feet wing in the back, that might be a problem when riders side by side in a corner, what about 2 feet wings?
  2. 1 if you brake prefect before turning, you can let off gas and engine braking until apex. this means you still have just right amount of speed to complete until a pex, so when you hit it, gave gas. 2 for #2 maintain gas through out the turn. when you do this is because 1 you not sure how late you can brake so you early brake cause you have to give it a bit gas to apex, 2 brake too early, so you have to give it a bit gas to apex. #3 you brake almost prefect, so you have just a few feet before apex so you can open tiny bit of throttle to complete the turn. all above applies if you reach the max entry speed, know the apex, where to turn, the only thing left is how much throttle apply through out the turn. im not a motogp racer, but i dont know how much i bs out of this. it meaks sense to me. it sounds very high risk, late brake, reach to max entry speed then turn in, let off gas to apex, assuming by that time you are right next to it, then give it gas get the f out there. maybe some pros can correct my theory.
  3. riding on the mountains i dont know how much i lean, or what is the max lean. i know on a sport bike 55 degree is the max, but how do i know what does a 55 degree lean feels like? the new dunlop q4 able to lean 62 degree, even more scary to test it out. i drag my knee before. i been playing Ride 2,3 ,moto gp 17 and notice at 52 degree the rider is dragging knee, so it means your knee is an indicator how far you lean, a general guide, but can it tell you your max lean? no right. what if you stick out your toe more, so when it hits the ground you know for sure you reach the max lean fore your tires. Wish there is a motorcycle stand to attach to you bike and just lean to the max and get use to what does it feels like, so next time you dont have to worry about not leaning enough so you can focus on gas.
  4. In a nutshell, you will learn how to ride faster by attending the school. what I want to know is, what else i can use the skill for? become a coach? A racer? Can I make a career out of this? what is the differences between 2 day camp vs half camp? and bring my own bike only eligible for 1 day, what the course be like from these 3 classes?
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