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  1. New2mac, welcome to the forum. I’d say that the skills learned at the school are very easily transferable back to your bike on the street. My first time at the school was on a school bike and I had no issues taking what I learned out to the street on my bike. I don’t know that it’s necessarily ’better’ to mix it up and learn on different bikes. I can imagine for some, getting on a sport bike when never having ridden one before may actually take away from focusing on the drills in each session (a lot of attention *could* necessarily go toward just getting accustomed to a new/different
  2. Yes, though we’ve never directly worked together, I always look forward to seeing the entire CSS team. It almost feels like extended family to me, but even better, because it’s always more than a pleasure.
  3. I’ll be back for the 3 single days on my bike. Looking forward to seeing you again 53driver, and hope to see you there this year Cobie.
  4. From the article: “ Erik Buell will not have a role in the new company, according to Melvin, because Erik Buell is currently involved with the electric motorcycle and bicycle company Fuell. “At the end of the day, it’s just a brand name,” Erik Buell posted on his personal Facebook page. “At one time it stood for innovation, but it was parked by H-D for 12 years. Time will tell what becomes of it next.” Link to article: https://www.roadracingworld.com/news/buell-is-back/
  5. Hey Brick, welcome to the forum. Unlikely I’ll see you at VIR, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time.
  6. Quick report: It rained and rained some more this past Saturday at COTA so I was never able to really put outside peg/foot to a true test on the track. I was much more concerned with smooth braking and smooth throttle than I was with trying to hit the apex/curbing with my tires (Q4s, unfortunately I didn’t have rain tires). Judging/feeling tire position just didn’t seem to be that difficult, or much of a big concern, at maybe ~35-40° max lean on a really wet track. I still stand by my previous leap forward/value statement about outside foot/peg though.
  7. Keith, Merlin here. You were my off track coach for all 3 single days at Barber this past May. I believe it was on day 2 - I was able to shave 5-7 seconds (can’t remember exactly to be honest but it was a huge gain) off my lap times with a single drill you assigned to me. if that helps with “credibility” 😉 The freed attention and consistency in my lines with outside peg/foot “felt like” a similar leap forward for me. I think you’re on to something valuable here.
  8. I just went for a great ride on my favorite local twisties and I'm super glad I checked into the forum this morning and saw this post before I headed out. I practiced knee to curb in one of my sessions at Barber this past May - indeed it was helpful. But as this thread inquires about tire vs eye position at apex, I found practicing/focusing on my outside foot to be tremendously helpful today. For me, it really tied together vision (keeping vision and attention well down the road) and precise tire placement through the corners. I played with both knee to curb drill and outside peg dril
  9. El Colibri


    Perhaps it’s because I started riding on the dirt and continue to do so on KTMs, or perhaps it’s my Austrian heritage, but mostly, I’m super excited to see another manufacturer getting competitive in the GP class. That they have become competitive in a relatively short amount of time (4 years if I’m correct) is very impressive. I’m very happy to see some new competition in MotoGP. And WOW [last week spoiler alert] That multiple rider yard sale crash! SO close to being much worse and I w
  10. Though October in Vegas will likely be nice weather, I’d bring a fitted thermal base layer (top and bottom that’ll fit under your suit) just in case. Unlikely that time of year but the desert can get cold. I don’t know your age or fitness, but I typically spend some time on fitness and conditioning (especially my lower body) before 2-3 days with CSS - cycling and/or a stationary bike, core strength, plus stretching. Day 2 can be brutal sore if you’re not in track shape already. You’ll have a blast!
  11. 53driver, it was great to meet you. I’m so glad to hear you had a great time and were able to enjoy being a student again. 4 days in a row - wow, way to go! I was beat after just 3. Thanks so much for helping make our “camp” a great place. I hope to see you at another school again soon.
  12. Years ago I definitely felt better/had a preference for lefts. When I first came to CSS I had a coach ask me if I prefer lefts, as he observed my body position look at home on the left but I was tight and twisted up going right. My left was the first knee I got down. Today, after multiple level 4 days and working on it, I can’t say I have a preference. Currently, my right knee puck is probably twice as worn as my left (more the result of riding COTA 5-6 times a year - long sweeping rights, tight short lefts; and MSR Houston - clockwise track). Proper body position, both lef
  13. Hope you had a great time. Did you get your daughter out there too? We had a beautiful day today and decided to ride for a few hours... Yes, it felt really really good. My wife decided to take her bike out as well. So nice to be in the moment on two wheels.
  14. I trust my own ability to moderate my hooliganism, it’s the other people out there on public roads that I’m more fearful of. I might not be able account for their actions. That said, you’ve got me thinking about risk/reward - my mind, body and soul could really use some happy moto freedom.
  15. Watching some old races (MotoGP just put up the top 10 underdog races for free). Installing a few new parts/trying to support local parts retailers that offer online purchases. Pulled the rear wheel and gave that entire area a thorough cleaning. Gotta spread these things out so I’ll probably pull the front next week, then I’m due for an oil change. Studying video of Barber in anticipation of May. I just ran across all my class/level notes from past schools yesterday and will spend some time looking over those. Super tempted to go for a spirited ride as we’ve had beautiful
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