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  1. I did 2 day school for level 1and 2. And then 2 weeks later did another 2 days for lever 3 and 4. It was truly money well spend and made me a better rider. Well that was 12 years ago and 2 kids later. I am still riding but not like I used too. I always wanted to come back and do it again and I decided to do it again this spring. Since it’s been so long I have to start over and can’t jump right back to level 3 and 4. Which I am absolutely fine with. My question is do I go for back to back single days or do a 2 day camp? I know there are more ridding sessions and I really want get back in to track ridding and of course have a pro fix my mistakes. But will the single day schools be sufficient for a good refresher? Or am cheating myself and going more economical route? PS level 3 and 4 will follow and it will most likely be a 2 day camp in the near future.
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