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  1. yes and i discovered that if i rised the front, this push on internal handlebar is less needed. as you in tyre change. and i was asking why....
  2. mmmhhh understood very helpful thank to every one for time and explanation now i try to verify tyre and setting!
  3. ok i understood but the thing that has surprised me, is that i was thinking that, when one say: with more trail, fork more upright,bike has more stability, was meaning that the bike want stay more upright and not cornering, but instead i see that it is easy to go down without press on imternal handlebar. i try to explain better, on same bike ,with lower front,it has less trail, fork more upright, it should be more flicker more unstable, instead it try to stand up itself and in cornering it has to be pushed on internal handlebar what intry to e
  4. hi! sorry for my english i’m in italy. i ride bikes by many years, sometimes track. i’m able to knee down, but i’m not a fast rider. i’have searched extensively on web, read many books, but still haven’t a answer to my question. when i’m cornering with my bike, i countersteer, and bike lean,ok. but when leaned, i feel that handlebar, try to push against hand,(turn side, internal side) i’m trying to understand the influence of suspension setup on this behaviour. i think i und
  5. analyzing myself i can say, i found that, the issue is the scare of lean.... with body i force to hang off and lean bike, and with arms i fight against it, trying to steer inside turn, so uprighting the bike. now that i'm riding with pitbike on track, this is becoming more conscious.... the bike has nothing wrong, it's my limit....
  6. no for now i bought a pitbike and i'm training in track later i'll go back on track with my bike
  7. i feel like preventing bike lean i'm holding with lower body
  8. bicycle no sorry never drived bike like dirtbike or pitbike
  9. yes i'll try, but my need is to undestand in what i'm wrong
  10. mmmhh not sure is like that in my case, because, i feel like i'm fighting, on one side with extreme body lean and other side outside bar push, i feel can take same corner same speed without knee down, with less fatigue, less lean, but not pushing in external bar, i feel like fighting my body against external bar push
  11. i feel in strong contact with bike, i could leave the handlebar....... except in that moment when i feel push on external handlebar and that happen on my max lean i'm feeling like i 'm trying to lean off excessively with bike leaning way less.
  12. for sure if i was near , i choose to go that school👍🏻👍🏻 but i'm in italy.. on day 30 of this month i'll try it: http://scuoladimotociclismo.com/ what is that steering drill? can be explained?
  13. today at track, after many times of trackday, i realized that meanwhile i drag knee down, i'm pushing on external handlebar. i know is really wrong. as soon as i realized it, i tryed to release pressure, suddently bike, leaned more and turned more inside the cornering, but i felt i was"too slow " for that "moment" i think it's the fear of lean angle, instinctively i try to keep bike upright. how i can, force myself to not push outside bar? ( i have a bmw s1000xr) i'm that in photo
  14. understood... for aching knee, i think like you say.... i was wrong, to press foot on internal footpeg, i was trying to turn bike excessively with body lean and poorly with countersteering. now i began to apply more consciously countersteering, i feel , less pain in knee. i have to force myself to, remeber to coontersteer, end not rely only on body steering. i realized that , if i force the bike only with body lean, o press very hard with my weight on footpeg. now i'm learnig instead, to use external knee for anchor, and
  15. hi! i have a question, is my internal foot position right? i have a bmw s1000xr and touch knee down on track, but i feel aching knee , i rapidly feel fatigued. i see that people that ride supersport put internal foot near vertical , but i'm not able to do it... i put the foot more or less pointing in front,like the foto of naked bike, (also if it isn't myself) maybe that on a naked type bike the footrest are not toward rear , and force to that position?
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