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  1. Hope to meet you on the track sometime in the future! 🙂
  2. Thanks for the shout out!  Yep, HP definitely makes the straights a bit more fun :-).

  3. Yep, sure have!  VIR is definitely one of my favorites.  You will have a blast there!


  4. Hello CSS Forum! The CSS school, Twist I & II, and DVD have radically transformed by understanding of motorcycle and rider technology over the past year! And I have no doubt that the Forum will continue this learning experience. I have ridden for many years, but am relatively new to the track, and loving every 0.001 s of it! Now, that I am aware of what they are, I am ready to continue to face those SR's head-on with understanding and direction!! I have had the pleasure of riding a Yamaha R6, Yamaha R1M, Ducati 1299-S, and a BMW S-1000RR. I have no preference, just so long as I am on the track on one of them :-)! I hope to meet many of you in the future both on the CSS Forum and possibly one day at a CSS School! Rick
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