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  1. #3 as I find the need to scan the road surface for hazards through corners has the potential to cause target fixation issues (for me) that you're more freed from on the track where you can practice better visual skills without worrying so much about the pavement surface itself.
  2. It's the 2019 1050cc Speed, 450 lbs wet. Has amazingly planted grip mid corner, just takes a bit of muscle to change directions quickly.
  3. Excellent - thanks for the details on all the things to keep in mind and check moving forward. The bike is nearly new, but I have not had the suspension settings customized to me yet. I do need to get that done.
  4. I currently ride a Triumph Speed Triple RS that I've used for CSS levels 1-2, and looking forward to 3. I have no experience with super sports, but my Speedie seems to have fairly heavy bar pressure at speed. One of the things that gives me a little trouble on track and street is mid corner line adjustments on decreasing radius corners. The bent angle of my inside arm during cornering body position is not very advantageous when it comes to applying pressure to the inside bar to tighten the line. Target fixation is a constant battle when facing unexpected decreasing radius turns, which of course causes tension in the arms, which makes the bike feel even more stiff. What are the thoughts on engaging the outside arm to help pull on the bar mid corner rather than using only a push on the inside bar? The mechanical advantage would be better, but I've never seen this advocated and curious if I'm setting myself up for bad habits/muscle memory in the future. I generally only engage both arms to push/pull on the bar for quick turn corner entry or chicanes - not so much mid corner. Also just curious...for those of you who have ridden the Speed Triple and super sports - how much lighter and flickable is a 600 class super sport compared to the Speed Triple? Hard to say right now how deep I'll get into track riding. Definitely want to do some track days after CSS level 3, but just wondering if a 600 class super sport would be a more enjoyable, physically easier bike for the track. I do love the Speedie for the street.
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