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  1. Hello. I have been watching the phenomena of tires turning blue for a long time. My first pick was a 78 GMC with all season radials. I noticed that periodically the tires would have a blue colour to them. I next noticed it when when I was working road construction in mid 80’s. The machine I was running had three bias ply tires and one radial. That tire would turn blue. I becan to notice that the tires would turn blue when the weather was going to change to wet weather. Tires would turn blue approx 24-48 hours before it would rain. I mentioned this to the men I worked with and they laughed. Said it was due to running the machine in mud. We watered the road to keep dust down. But I watched. It did not matter if the machine was on wet or dry conditions. The tires could be black when running on watered roads and the would turn blue when the wether was about to change. The tires would remain bluish until the wether was going to settle. Sometimes I noticed the tire would go black before the rain stopped. So so I have watched this as I have worked road construction and open pit mining. It seems to hold true. I have seen hi-way tractors that never see mud with blueish tires. I tried using many cleaners to get to get rid of the blue, but nothing seemed to work except changes in weather. So so I definitely think it has something to do with the weather. it would be interesting to see what people who do car shows have noticed while cleaning and polishing their cars kelly Alberta Canada
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