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  1. That's close lol, we should link up this coming season. I like to hit up bear mountain on the weekends. Hopefully we can meet up at CSS.
  2. It bothers me too. It's tough because I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm just not good...YET.... so i try to stay in my lane so to speak, focus on areas where I need improvement(basically everything lol) but still. I'm sure most of us are a little impatient and anxious to see improvement and passing others or NOT getting passed is a sign of that. I take comfort in knowing I'm not THAT slow because I DO on occasion pass people on track days but not many. It's definitely a point of frustration for me lol. I do plan on eventually participating in some amateur racing once I feel I have
  3. Welcome to the forums Chad. Where in ny are you located? I'm in NY myself. Western LI.
  4. I've been getting out when the weather's nice. I have a buddy who just picked up a 2020 S1000RR and wants to get the miles in so he can get that 600 mile service so I've been riding with him a lot. When I'm not doing that or working I'm playing Ride 3 on my xbox one lol. I can't stay away from 2 wheels haha! I have that track itch so bad right now.
  5. I personally would opt for #3 and I'll explain why. For #1, having a "fast machine", doesn't necessarily make you a fast/better rider. You still need the skill set IOT be able to push that machine to the limit and utilize most if not all of its potential. For #2, yes equal machinery levels the playing field, but now you're not battling a superior machine, you're battling other riders and their skill sets. I can say with all honesty and confidence lol that I don't believe my skill set is there to take a podium against other riders with way more track time and experience than I have, at least no
  6. @PittsDriver I'm not an instructor or coach so you can take whatever I say with a grain of salt. In regards to addressing number 1, I think what's helped me is to not underestimate how dangerous target fixation can be, in fact i think I over estimate it if that's possible. I've made it a priority in the list of things in concerned about when I ride so when something sketchy happens, it's the first thing that crosses my mind. I've learned that it helps, helps me at least, to keep reminding myself not to fixate. I ride in new York city and long island, and those of you who have ridden here
  7. That's awesome, the pat on the back was great lol
  8. Blocking a passing rider to me makes sense, i really don't see how it can help you keep your position on the motorcycle because you're giving up a point of contact with the tank by doing the leg dangle.
  9. If you turn off the "off-track aid in the options, you well definitely fall on the grass lol, trust me lol
  10. Not sure if they offer it as a pc game and sorry there's no discount. No worries about the questions. Im far from an expert but i think i game enough to have a few answers lol
  11. This i have done in the game and yes.... you go down 🤣🤣🤣 The rear gives, you slide and it leads to a high side
  12. I gotta see if I'm in sim mode. Could explain a lot lol.
  13. SRod321

    2020 WSBK

    I for one am excited to see next season. It's awesome to see Gerloff make the jump, I hope he does well. Not sure how well Bautista is gonna do on the Honda. The Hondas were not doing very good this past season. It IS a brand new SP model however. This new edition is supposed to give the rest of the pack a run for their money. Hopefully they don't have the bad luck Sykes and Reiterberger had with the new BMW in its inaugural run. It's gonna be interesting to see how BMW improved as well, especially with the addition of Eugene Laverty. I can't wait! Wish it was spring already...*sigh*
  14. I have Ride 2 and Ride 3(3 is obviously the better version, just wish it had as many bikes as 2 to choose from). I gotta be honest I don't know if there's any thing to really gain from playing the game. Maybe this is because i don't live near or ride on any of the tracks in the game? It's definitely a fun and challenging game to play worth the buy in my opinion. I have it for xbox one btw. If you do decide to go with a PC game, I'm sure the xbox controllers can pair up with a PC or laptop.
  15. Looks good man! Glad you're ok! Maybe I'll see you out there next season at NJMP with CSS or whenever lol. Turn 1 is to me the scariest turn in that track because you are coming down the straight blasting, and it looks like a super tight corner but every time I go through it, I ALWAYS feel like i can carry more speed through it lol!
  16. First off, are were you/are you ok? A bike can be fixed/replaced. Second, what corner did this happen in? I had a low side last month at turn 7. Do you think your entry speed was the biggest contributing factor?
  17. I read that a few weeks ago too. Curious to see the new Honda fireblade and how Bautista does on it.
  18. I think that was another contributing factor. A track day is a track day right? No one goes there to "race" anyone so to speak. We do track days to practice, and better our craft/hobby. However, as the day rolls on, you can't help it, you find someone who passes you but you're close enough to follow and pass them back. Sometimes its a friend or buddy, sometimes it's a stranger. Either way, it makes you want to push a little harder. In the video, you see a rider pass me at turn 6, i had been going back and forth with this guy all day, he'd pass me, I'd pass him. It wasn't as if I was trying to
  19. Consider that a lesson learned lol. One input, be smooth...
  20. @Hotfoot It could just be me but I think i see a slight second one just before i start to roll the throttle and the tire gives. Thanks for the input, I had a suspicion that the tires could have been the biggest contributing factor along with some rider error on my part but, being as fairly new to track riding as i am (3 track seasons under my belt, total of 11 track days) I was leaning more towards the latter being the root. I couldn't help but scratch my head when watching the video though and wonder if it was really all me or some tire grip factor. These tires are definitely getting tossed t
  21. No, very rarely if at all and I'm cognizant of it. I remind myself to grip the tank and relax if it does happen. That wasn't the case here, I was completely relaxed, no tension in the hands. The only times I ever feel my hands tense up really if it all is in the transitions in turns 3-4-5, and that's only if my position on the bike is off. Again, something I notice very quickly and correct.
  22. Here's a short clip of the low side. I'm still wondering if it was the rear tire or the front that gave out. @Jaybird180 I also noticed that the RPMs do rise up a little quickly but I think that was after the rear tire gave out and started to come around. I don't remember ripping the throttle open, just cracking and rolling it, but, I am starting to wonder if the roll one was a little too fast?? I hope the video upload comes out decent. The lowside.mp4
  23. This was my third track day on this motorcycle with those tires, however, those tires do have some mileage on them. The actual amount I honestly don't know (I know, shame on me, I know better), i should've changed them but due to my work schedule I couldn't make the time to get new tires, I figured I could squeeze one more track day out of them, after all, I'm not at the level where I burn through tires easily. They do have a lot of meat left on them though.
  24. I gotta be honest, given how the previous sessions went, i figured one lap was good for a warmup seeing as how that's what I did from the second session on (in the first session i gave it two laps). So after one lap, i felt better grip and got a little more aggressive. I had one more session left so I didn't expect this one to be my last. Wasn't "going in" as if it was the last run of the season. Throttle control felt smooth, I remembered to ROLL it on, I didn't whack it open. I don't recall the RPMs shooting up, I just remember the rear coming around. I was pretty surprised that it wasn't a h
  25. Thanks for the reply jaybird, going over the video footage from that day I was averaging about 2 mins a lap(not very fast, I know), but it felt consistent every lap. Left and right turns felt the same. I never felt any slip or give on the first lap of any session because I dialed it back for the first lap each time out. After the first lap, I felt like the bike gripped a little better so I would up my pace. This was the case in that session where I went down. It gave without warning. I didn't notice anything different between the lefts and few rights. I never thought to check tire temps after
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