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  1. Thank you for all the information. I will just leave my camera off the helmet. Yes I'm going to be at Streets of Willow Springs.
  2. New to this school and this is going to be my first track school. I'm flying into California for this class. So I will be renting the bike (I already drive a S1000RR), leathers, and equipment. I have a couple questions if anyone knows. Can I use my own helmet? If I can use my own helmet can I have a camera on the helmet? and should I remove all electronics from the helmet (ei. sena, the speakers and the like) I know I'm not using the Sena equipment but I think if I use my own helmet I should take out all the equipment. Or should I just use the class helmet and be fine with it. Is there anything I should bring with me that could help me with my first class ever? Take in mind that I'm flying out to California for this class. So I can't carry to much with me. Thanks for all the help.
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