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  1. Thanks for your advice! I think there will be some people from here going so it will be nice having support 😁
  2. Well since we are in BC, we are limited to tracks around here for practicing the techniques we learned at the school. Looks like we might be able to go to ONE track day at the Ridge in May. We are also going to be attending the CSS in June. So the question I have is...as it will be our first track day (for me) on our own bikes (a first), should we get some, if any, instruction there? Thanks!
  3. I am very interested to hear how you find the fit for women. I would rather not buy too many suits! On a side note, does anyone use a Leatt neck brace with their leathers? I am considering one of these too
  4. Great! We will look into those places! Might even check out the air b&b options too. Thanks! Looks like the group has decided and we will be doing the mid June Laguna Seca. It's a bit of a challenge with getting 7 people from various parts of the states together for round two. It's going to be a blast! Anyone else going?
  5. I think one of the group has called. Deciding on a date. Probably the session in June 😁
  6. Thanks! No harm in asking though 😁
  7. Looks like the group from level 1&2 are trying to get together to do 3&4 at Laguna Seca in June. Any chance for group rates for 7 people?
  8. On a similar note... We are looking at flights (from Seattle) and accommodation to/for Barber and Laguna Seca. It seems flights are cheaper to Laguna but stays are more expensive. What have other people done?
  9. We are definitely thinking the Ridge for track days to practice our lessons. We haven't quite decided if we will do 3&4 there yet. We are trying to co-ordinate with our "reunion" group from 1&2 lol. We had such a great group!
  10. Yes....brains! ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚
  11. I see July looks good as far as weather goes. I think we need to have a think about what we really want to do. We were thinking that even doing 2 separate days for 3&4 would be good too (after reading other posts). It is really too bad it would be too costly to bring our own bikes...would be amazing to drive our own vehicles as I am always looking for ways to improve my riding!
  12. Looking to do another 2 day as we have to travel and would like to make the most of things. The Ridge is closest but we don't want 2 days of possible rain as we have to book so far in advance.
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