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  1. Hey wsup!!! I am in Waldorf Md. I will be in class in Jersey in May. Will you be there as well?
  2. Welcome.... this is a pretty cool forum
  3. Guys....I was hoping you can help me with some confusion in my brain. I am sure we all like to watch motorcycle road racing on TV. However, I have to confess.....its alot of motorcycle racing available these days. MOTOGP, WSBK, MOTOAMERICA, AMA, CCS etc. Within all of these categories are little subdivisions. Like STOCK 1000, SUPERSPORT, SUPERBIKE. Its easy to get confused. Especially if you dont want to miss anything. I need help with understanding whats what in terms of rankings. Is MOTOGP and its subdivisions(if any) top dog over all motorcycle road racing? Which one of these and there subdivisions are more "real world"? For instance: Lets take football. You got the NFL, College, High School, Middle School and your buddies you play with after school for fun. Would WSBK be considered the College Football of Motorcycle Road Racing?
  4. Guys ....I wanted to ask your thoughts on the racing/trackday suit made by ICON. I always thought the materials and tech used in ICON's products were just for the street. I personally sent a question out to ICON asking if/when they planning on making some SNELL approved helmets. I think the come up with some nice helmet designs
  5. Whoa! he definitely went through a lot. I do agree though. Most folk do not consider the rotor as an issue if there no vibration.
  6. I have the bike back together and here is the end result.....still have some minor things to get done.....but I am back
  7. Yes I am fine. The bike got all mangled up once it hit the grass. All of this happened while going into turn 1. Entry speed was definitely the biggest contribution to the crash
  8. So guys....I got a lil greedy and paid for it this season at Thunderbolt. Among the many other things that may have contributed to this result the main issue was me go in too hot. Soooo hopefully me taking a few classes at Thunderbolt next season will get my brain back in order. Here are the photos.
  9. I would like to ask if throttle was applied too soon? Seems like it was applied @the 30sec marker in the vid. Is that a clear view of the exit line?
  10. yep this is VIR. I cant remember which turn
  11. Hello... I wanted to reach out and connect. I have currently completed Levels 1-4 without even saying hello.
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