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  1. The first thing I noticed is, he is really relaxed on the bike and like wise with the controls. He gets his braking done while upright except for a few corners. He also does not let the dragging of hard parts spook him off of his line, so he is also confident. Almost too confident as he was very close to a high side at one point. His upper body seems tight at lean which effects his body having a bit of that dirt bike body twist.
  2. Cobie, I certainly understand the commitment to get trained to a specific standard. Appreciate the feedback. Thank You
  3. Jaybird, I ride with a very small group of smart skilled riders who understand boundaries and street limitations. One guy is 100% track and plans to take Level 4 this year if all goes well. We are a well mixed bag of fruit, lololol with the addition of a new rider with less than 18 months of total experience who is planned for level 1 in May @ VIR. I have to agree with your VIR comment! Love that place, but I have not been on it since Sept of 2011. If this virus gets settled down enough for people to get back to work, I well definitely be doing a track walk Sunday before dark! That is pretty cool to know you coached your son to a championship.Life always seems to disrupt the best laid plans!
  4. Hey there! Just getting back her to check things, so sorry for the late response. Honestly, NJMP is not a track I frequent. So you get your bike back together after your get-off? T1 there can suck you in pretty easily, if you are not on your game...
  5. Another question for you. In the event a household primary provider is furloughed, and cannot make the event due to a 60% cut in household income, how will refunds/credits be handled being this withdrawal is not of our doing? Will we get full refunds or will it be pro-rated as written in the initial agreement we signed and returned? Thank You
  6. Very well informed piece. Thank You
  7. A lot covered with minimal words! Thank You
  8. A lot of good info in there regarding RPs, establishing and using them correctly to improve. And wow, 64 different visual exercises!! Thank You
  9. It is an amazing piece of machinery for sure, but at $100k, that is hard pass for most of us. You are correct in your description on the feel of the Ducs. I have owned a Duc and realized very quickly, they feel better when ridden at a fast pace. Ergo's have never been Ducati's strong-suit.
  10. Cobie, Very interested. Can you please elaborate on the "Part Time" statement above? What the commitment requirements are, if different then what is listed in your description? Thank You
  11. We have a small group coming Sunday as well. Setting up Sunday evening should not be a problem. VIR is usually quite accommodating and friendly. See you there with a smile.
  12. Cobie, I believe he knows at least part of why he crashed or I think from the way he explained it. He brakes really hard and early, parking it in a sense and feels he has to make up the lost time on entry on the exit 👍 I will pass your message along to him👍 Thank You Andrew
  13. Gates are manned and roving security patrol 24/7 on event days.
  14. I have a friend who had a pretty nasty high side a couple years back and cannot seem to get the traction monkey off his back and get back to progressing as he was. I am doing my very best to get him to register and come with us, but he isn’t sure one day will be enough to restore his tire confidence. He has other issues he is aware of, but trust is his major degrader right now. Is there a portion of the school to help restore his confidence in having fun again? Thanks Andrew
  15. Our group will def be staying at the track 👍 What better way to let the new to the track guy get the whole experience 😁 Thanks Andrew
  16. Roberts, Great question! Strictly speaking from my former coaching/teaching experience, so bare with me a little bit. A coach’s job is very laborious once they arrive at the track and often do not have time in their schedules to do sag settings for riders. My suggestion would be if you have a racing/trackday friend, have him help you or he can suggest a known suspension guy/gal in your area to do it. It isn’t costly and it certainly does help. It isn’t a hard process, just time consuming. Keep in mind if you are on stock suspension and a 200+ lb person, it will not be perfect, but will be much improved. A word of caution tho. Making big geometry changes that alter the way the bike reacts to your inputs the morning of a school day may not be the best idea. If you can get it done prior to your school and get accustomed to the new feeling, you will be much better off👍 Again, speaking from experience Andrew
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