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  1. Steveg

    Hi all!

    Thanks guys, I've had it for about 6 months now. Had to give it some tlc, rebuild front brakes inc new seals and braided lines, fix the stva, fork seals, set up suspension properly, baffle on the exhaust fixed the jerky response at low revs and little bits like tank pads and a clear screen. Can't wait to get back home and ride.
  2. Steveg

    Hi all!

    Hi all from Malta, Europe! Relative noob here, riding for almost 3 years mostly some fun in the weekends and when I am able to. Started off with and adventure bike an F650GS, transitioned fairly quickly to '00 600cc Honda Hornet, and now an ,04 gsxr 600. Eager to learn how to ride the sportsbike better, understanding how it all works together and hopefully get into some track days, eventually. Good day all.
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