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  1. This might help you in general, especially if you are bringing your own bike to ride. The school provides all gear included in your fee, depending on the school program you choose. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/how-to-attend-your-first-motorcycle-track-day
  2. Agree, Dave Moss has a video on gear selector and rear brake lever position in relation to your foot.
  3. My Gixer and Speed Triple R have been tuned by DM via Facetime and email photos sent after setup and test riding. As far as changes, I say set up for your street riding style, road conditions, season, tires hardness, etc. Barber MSP 1/2 camp day was amazing with picture perfect weather.
  4. Do you place your foot on the ball of you feet on the pegs???
  5. I highly recommend you to watch the suspension videos of Dave Moss on YouTube. They opened my eyes not only of possibilities, but to comfort, performance and SAFETY by tuning a bike to fit you. From handlebar position, levers angulation and finger distance, foot pegs height, tire pressures, maintenance DIY and finally suspension adjustments and understanding. You don't how much you didn't know, until you watch his videos. There is a subscription, that is worth paying the year for the amount of knowledge you get. It sure did change my approach to street riding completely and it's not an exaggeration. I'm up (3:30am!!, insomnia) getting ready for Barber 1/2 day camp today and later in the week the 2 days camp. Weather seems to be great today.
  6. Add to that, if your exit is a little too wide, they can run into you or you into them. Recently at Las Vegas, I got shitless scared on my nemesis corner #5. I usually run wide, and I got passed on the outside by a very fast rider. If I had ran a little wider than the usual, we both would've been on the ground for sure. No names, but he had issues with every bike he rode that day (6-7). He was a very nice guy, very very fast, but too risky on track.
  7. Eyes tend to get dry when I ride, especially when spirited, because you barely blink and the Texas dry hot air. Watch the eye video of Professional riders on track at CSS. The eyes are wide open and you don't see them blink. It explains it for me.
  8. Very light smoke tint on Rx glasses and darkest tint face shield for the blistering sun of Texas. I also put eyedrops pre-ride and post-ride, to lubricate and you would be surprise at the soothing effects.
  9. Come back and tell us your experience at NJMP. If you meet Barry Sharpe, he is one of the coaches and a Kung Fu practitioner too. Try to meet him, he is very nice like all other coaches from the CSS. OSS!!!
  10. Come on now Jay, you are a Taekwondo practitioner and they use a lot of leg kicking. So you are fit for the 2 day school. Take it from a Karate and BJJ practitioner, plus 61 healthy years young. Stretch, hydrate and have fun. Are you by any chance doing Barber in a few weeks? I signed up for a single day camp and a 2 day camp.
  11. never mind, lol. Just saw is an 11 years old post.
  12. I just added an extra track day to my 2 day camp, so I will be riding with you all. 53Driver and El Colibri, plus will be testing Hotfoot's patience again. 😉
  13. Short answer, yes. Day one, Level 1 and then you graduate to Level 2 on the second day, given you don't crash or worse.
  14. I will be there too for the 2 day camp, June 2-3. See you there again.
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