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  1. Red_Baron


    I'm a fan of Honda and MM, but I like to see a competitive race where you don't know who is going to win. This year, even without MM, it's been super exciting to watch. And yes!!!; I am very happy to see KTM and Suzuki bring it to Ducati and Yamaha. I'm rooting for Pol, Mir, Rins, Oliveira, Zarco, Fabio and Nakagami. Sorry, I don't care for the others, especially for Diva Rossi and Prima Dovi.
  2. Did Levels 1-2 at Barber Motorsport Park in May and got hooked. Now doing Halloween in Vegas and CSS Levels 3-4, can't get better than that. Anyone else going???
  3. I would suggest going to YouTube. and search there. Many videos of lots of different exhausts, with sound clips and you can ask questions to the poster.
  4. Man sorry to hear of your crash and not to dog on you (maybe a little), but common sense goes a long way. If they were to say: "stay on your bike at all times" and it catches fire, what are going to do?? This kinds of illustrates the situation. As mentioned above, there are many corners to practice the no brake session. I don't think blaming the coaches is right. In my class there was one student that probably was too green to even be there for Level 1. I thought he was going to be a casualty and ended being very successful and doing great in the Level 2. I am sure this course saved
  5. I have no words to describe my experience and how much fun it was this past week, at the Barber Motorsport track. The weather cooperated, the coaching was amazing, class teaching clear and easy to follow, great organization staff, great crowd of students, everyone improved their riding skills/ability and all under a safe and none threatening environment. Listening from Hot Foot the story on how she came up with her screen name was incredible and crazy. Meeting and talking to Keith Code.... Priceless!!! Kudos to everyone at CSS and the maintenance staff at Barber. See you
  6. Great you made it safe. I will be there Tuesday afternoon around 6pm at The Hampton's hotel across the track.
  7. I am signed for the 2 day course and yes, first time ever on the track on a bike. I do understand the pressure some people put on themselves, but believe me, I have no ego to bruise. If I am not feeling right riding in the rain, I'll sit out the session. No biggie. I want to make it intact for my 60 B'day a few days after. 😉
  8. Extended forecast appears to suck, rain. I hear it all the time, that is the best time to learn, but no thanks for me. I don't need to add another SR to the first time on the track with a bike. Add to that, being on a rented bike that I don't know, and if you go down is going to be expensive. I've been on a wet track many times before, but on my track car. Driving on a wet track is still pretty scary on 4 wheels, can't imagine on 2. Reasons I avoid riding in the rain. Crossing fingers for a better forecast and a safe event for all.
  9. I sure will make it to meet you and all others at the track.
  10. This will be over in a few more days and we will have the time of our life at CSS. @El Colibri, the museum is awesome!!! Great memory lane treat. Very peculiar sign name, are you into birds or are latino by any chance? In Puerto Rico we have Colibri's and we call them also "Zumbadores" = Humming Bird. I'll be driving from Dallas too, but on Tuesday the 26.
  11. I'm no Chicken Little, but I hope the school doesn't get cancelled. I'm living life normal, but around me is not being in health care. I keep washing my hands as always and opening bathroom doors with my elbow or shoulder. Not afraid of this new bug, but I am not about using leathers where many men have left their sweat. I'm bringing my own gear to wear.😉
  12. Super nice looking bike, enjoy riding it in health.
  13. Hey looking forward to meeting you at Barber. I'm staying across from the track at the Hampton Inn Birmingham/Leeds, AL. I stayed there when I went to visit the Motorcycle Museum, which is amazing!!!
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