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  1. I'll be there to test your patience again in April 2-3. 😉 Level 4.
  2. You forgot to post the photo to be able to judge/evaluate what you discribe.
  3. Make sure to wear a mask in public or you will be sent to a re-education camp in upstate Nazi York by Fuhrer Cuomo. Oh yeah, welcome to the forum.
  4. GD Batman, that is real sugar on Pepsi!!!! King Kong, Evel Knievel and the Bionic Man have nothing on you man. Wishing you a speedy recovery and keep hunting those Kamikaze deers.
  5. New to all this, but Hotfoot and Cobie taught me the knee to corner and was one of the most helpful drill for me at Las Vegas. Already signed up for April in Vegas and will test again my coaches patience. 😉
  6. Red_Baron


    apparently the Suzuki Boys will take the cake home. Happy for them.
  7. How was your experience Jim? I just got back from the 2 day camp Level 3-4 and had a blast. Met lots of good people. I had Hotfoot and Cobie as coaches and I tested their patience, but Keith put me up to it. Thanks again to both of you. Learned a lot, practiced the 3 step again, throttle control, hook to turn, not going too fast on cold tires, but need more training. Venom will see you all again at Barber on my 61st. birthday week 2021. (I'm paying for the photo, so no copyright will be violated)
  8. I'm late to the party but, aside from talking about speed and tires, have you addressed your suspension settings. When was the last time you serviced the fork and shock oil? What mileage do you have on that suspension, does it needs a rebuild? Do you know how much suspension travel you have left after a normal ride(zip-tie on right fork)? What tire pressures are you running now? Have you set Static sag and Rider sag? Look for Dave Moss suspension tuning videos on YouTube, you will learn a lot.
  9. Red_Baron


    I'm a fan of Honda and MM, but I like to see a competitive race where you don't know who is going to win. This year, even without MM, it's been super exciting to watch. And yes!!!; I am very happy to see KTM and Suzuki bring it to Ducati and Yamaha. I'm rooting for Pol, Mir, Rins, Oliveira, Zarco, Fabio and Nakagami. Sorry, I don't care for the others, especially for Diva Rossi and Prima Dovi.
  10. Did Levels 1-2 at Barber Motorsport Park in May and got hooked. Now doing Halloween in Vegas and CSS Levels 3-4, can't get better than that. Anyone else going???
  11. I would suggest going to YouTube. and search there. Many videos of lots of different exhausts, with sound clips and you can ask questions to the poster.
  12. Man sorry to hear of your crash and not to dog on you (maybe a little), but common sense goes a long way. If they were to say: "stay on your bike at all times" and it catches fire, what are going to do?? This kinds of illustrates the situation. As mentioned above, there are many corners to practice the no brake session. I don't think blaming the coaches is right. In my class there was one student that probably was too green to even be there for Level 1. I thought he was going to be a casualty and ended being very successful and doing great in the Level 2. I am sure this course saved
  13. I have no words to describe my experience and how much fun it was this past week, at the Barber Motorsport track. The weather cooperated, the coaching was amazing, class teaching clear and easy to follow, great organization staff, great crowd of students, everyone improved their riding skills/ability and all under a safe and none threatening environment. Listening from Hot Foot the story on how she came up with her screen name was incredible and crazy. Meeting and talking to Keith Code.... Priceless!!! Kudos to everyone at CSS and the maintenance staff at Barber. See you
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