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  1. This will be over in a few more days and we will have the time of our life at CSS. @El Colibri, the museum is awesome!!! Great memory lane treat. Very peculiar sign name, are you into birds or are latino by any chance? In Puerto Rico we have Colibri's and we call them also "Zumbadores" = Humming Bird. I'll be driving from Dallas too, but on Tuesday the 26.
  2. I'm no Chicken Little, but I hope the school doesn't get cancelled. I'm living life normal, but around me is not being in health care. I keep washing my hands as always and opening bathroom doors with my elbow or shoulder. Not afraid of this new bug, but I am not about using leathers where many men have left their sweat. I'm bringing my own gear to wear.😉
  3. Super nice looking bike, enjoy riding it in health.
  4. Hey looking forward to meeting you at Barber. I'm staying across from the track at the Hampton Inn Birmingham/Leeds, AL. I stayed there when I went to visit the Motorcycle Museum, which is amazing!!!
  5. Thanks for the welcoming and positive input. Looking forward to it.
  6. I just paid to attend the 2 days training class at Barber on May 27/28 of 2020. I have been riding for many years and still have to ride with confidence coming to a corner. I am turning 60 this year and this course is my gift to myself. Looking forward to learning from everyone and I bring no ego to bruise. I have read the TOTW II book and watched multiple videos and can't wait to make it out to Barber. Hopefully, I will attend the Las Vegas track later in the year for Levels 3/4. See ya'll soon.
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