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  1. Interesting topic and a great read so far. I think going back to the original post and subsequent lists, there my be an overarching principal at play. Let's take riding/driving home when we just have a few more miles to cover as an example. As most data would suggest, that's when the majority of crashes occur (some estimate close to 70%). The main reason listed is that we switch to auto-pilot because it's familiar ground, and/or we've done it so many times that we assume all will be as it always has been, aka complacency. Guilty as charged. Let's assume an action is required to avoid a cr
  2. Interesting, and also something I have been aware of, which is even though the amount of motorcycle lean angle reduction may be small while hanging off, it is enough to keep parts from scraping on the tarmac. Taken by itself, it may seem inconsequential, but combined with other cornering techniques, not to mention the use of it as a great lean angle gauge, it contributes favorably toward the end "product." Since watching your posted video above, the next one actually answered my original question directly:
  3. On page 84 TOTW, the last 3 lines state "....you can begin you acceleration sooner than he can because your straight-up bike has more rubber on the road." So by hanging off, does a rider create more rubber on the road (meaning bigger contact patch due to being closer to the tire's center??) or is it because the bike is more upright which offers more vertical load on the tire's contact patch, thereby offering more friction and hence allowing greater throttle application? I had a tooth extracted yesterday, maybe it's all the painkillers in my system­čĄ».
  4. I understood the concept as pushing up to help lock the knee up and against the tank. Weighing the outside seems more of a controlled and directed action, whereas weighing the inside basically catches our body from falling so to speak. I know this as I've done both, and I can also add that weighing the inside has worn me out to the point of getting serious calf-muscle cramps toward mid-afternoon, while weighing the outside did not present such a challenge. While the question is does it matter which one is weighted, I would say no from the way the question was phrased, with the assumption that
  5. Hello from Arizona! I attended CSS late last year with some friends and had a great time, not to mention some great aha moments. I used to ride a 2014 HP4, but the 2020 S1000RR's are truly amazing machines. The handling felt incredible, with much quicker turning capability. Hope to share some useful and not so useful info with everyone! Aron
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