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  1. I understood the concept as pushing up to help lock the knee up and against the tank. Weighing the outside seems more of a controlled and directed action, whereas weighing the inside basically catches our body from falling so to speak. I know this as I've done both, and I can also add that weighing the inside has worn me out to the point of getting serious calf-muscle cramps toward mid-afternoon, while weighing the outside did not present such a challenge. While the question is does it matter which one is weighted, I would say no from the way the question was phrased, with the assumption that we are talking about how the bike would react. Another downside with weighing the inside peg I recall was the impedance of free leg/foot movement for proper posture and clearance.
  2. Hello from Arizona! I attended CSS late last year with some friends and had a great time, not to mention some great aha moments. I used to ride a 2014 HP4, but the 2020 S1000RR's are truly amazing machines. The handling felt incredible, with much quicker turning capability. Hope to share some useful and not so useful info with everyone! Aron
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