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  1. Currently I'm signed up for the One Day, and the Half Camp. I'm on stby for the Two Day. Ideally I want to do the Half Camp and the Two Day. I prefer the smaller student to coach ratio, plus getting to ride the 'specialty bikes' and the video bike. I'm still really learning this whole track mentality and it's fun. @Dedicated54 - Cheers! When they get that dang bridge fixed y'all can stop using my exit (22) to commute to work! Lol. Seriously, I hope that hasn't affected you. To your Level question. Red Baron is spot on. Whatever your first day there is, it's Level
  2. Cobie, if I learned anything at Barbers last May it was that I'm still trying to figure out core "sportbike/track" fundamentals at a very rudimentary level compared to others there. Doing Levels 1-4 in 4 days was truly great and no one should shy away from it - thank you for that guidance. I'll be at Barbers again this May-Jun. Looking forward to meeting you there. Cheers - Steve
  3. Great meeting you too! And again, thanks for making me feel welcome. I'll probably head out west next season - just to get something different, but Barbers is just too local to ignore. Maybe both? Lol
  4. THANK YOU so much for that info! I know that will shape my plans - but which direction, I just don't know yet. My initial thought is that I'm not going for a racing career, so perhaps S@W would be the best place to work on cornering skills.
  5. I just watched all the train tracks he was juggling at any given time. Hell of a logistician's mind in him. I'm planning a budget to come out west next year. 2 Day Camp. In the mean time, I'll work on what I learned and then be ready for more Level IV training. Hopefully get to meet you then. Cheers, Steve
  6. I'm sorry I missed this post! I hope y'all had a blast!
  7. I'm with Red_Baron on this one...I haven't been able to peel the smile off my face long enough to give any sort of accurate debrief. I parked my RV in the Paddock area on Saturday afternoon and was immediately invited to relocate it in a tighter spot, but among veterans of CSS. Thanks to Rhino & Elizabeth, Sam, and Merlin (El Colibri) for making me feel welcome. We had a really cool little community thing going on there. I awoke Sunday early, poured some coffee, and began to watch the CSS operations. I had never been to a track before, never seen CSS work before. I wanted
  8. Well, I made it! Made some "new best friends" in the paddock area. Met Coach Johnny Haynes. Met Keith Code. Let the fun begin! Cheers, Steve
  9. Heading North! Another Great Adventure starts today!
  10. Yakaru - I'm sorry as well. I was looking forward to meeting you, but yes, budgets do dictate operations. Maybe I'll get the budget next year to head out to Cali. Cheers!
  11. Red Baron - this is my first time with CSS, as well on a "super" bike, as well as on a track. Been watching the forecast too. The little pop-ups that Hotfoot describes are so anti-climactic to what I remember from Texas. With these Southeastern storms, you literally wait 10 minutes and the sky is clear again. I think actually having the the partial cloud cover is going to keep us from 'cooking' on the asphalt. When I coach the MSF curricula, I often find myself saying "If it ain't raining, we ain't training." That being said, you will NOT see me challenging the condition
  12. Oh wow. Yes, that could work in theory, but being that efficient on the controls to get the bike stood up enough, enough braking accomplished in that short a period of time, and then get the bike leaned back to make the turn would be all dependent - for me - on how well I could sample my speed, execute the braking, get another speed sample and then decide what to do...because what if I didn't get enough slowing in? And, I would personally, at this point, need a 'bunch' of spare pavement because my muscle memory for that kind of control operating efficiency isn't there. I'm sure there are r
  13. Other nomenclature questions that I believe apply to the topic (from Ienatsch's SRT) "Throttle steering" - as described above, using the throttle to load the rear tire, increase the tire patch, and increase the radius of turn without changing lean angle "Maintenance Throttle" - not on nor off, however, the bike's speed may increase or decrease based on other factors
  14. Okay, first nomenclature: "maintaining throttle" (by which I assume you mean you stop rolling on, but don't roll off)" I did mean exactly that, is there another term? Second: if there was still room on the pavement to use, it's gonna need to get used. If my turn is that bad, I'm hoping my peripheral vision would have already cued me to that available pavement in conjunction with whatever lean angle I thought I could muster - and perhaps it is 0 degrees more - and my radius of turn would increase ever so slightly with very, very minimal throttle added to make that happen. The weight wo
  15. I would answer "maintain throttle" during the steering correction and add throttle as soon as possible afterwards when the bike is re-pointed.
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