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  1. Well, I made it! Made some "new best friends" in the paddock area. Met Coach Johnny Haynes. Met Keith Code. Let the fun begin! Cheers, Steve
  2. Heading North! Another Great Adventure starts today!
  3. Yakaru - I'm sorry as well. I was looking forward to meeting you, but yes, budgets do dictate operations. Maybe I'll get the budget next year to head out to Cali. Cheers!
  4. Red Baron - this is my first time with CSS, as well on a "super" bike, as well as on a track. Been watching the forecast too. The little pop-ups that Hotfoot describes are so anti-climactic to what I remember from Texas. With these Southeastern storms, you literally wait 10 minutes and the sky is clear again. I think actually having the the partial cloud cover is going to keep us from 'cooking' on the asphalt. When I coach the MSF curricula, I often find myself saying "If it ain't raining, we ain't training." That being said, you will NOT see me challenging the conditions. I made it to 57, and I am going to behave - at least well enough - to make it 75. Let's enjoy this together! Cheers, Steve
  5. Oh wow. Yes, that could work in theory, but being that efficient on the controls to get the bike stood up enough, enough braking accomplished in that short a period of time, and then get the bike leaned back to make the turn would be all dependent - for me - on how well I could sample my speed, execute the braking, get another speed sample and then decide what to do...because what if I didn't get enough slowing in? And, I would personally, at this point, need a 'bunch' of spare pavement because my muscle memory for that kind of control operating efficiency isn't there. I'm sure there are riders who can and do handle the problem that way. I've been blessed enough that I've never HAD to perform that. In aviation we talk about using superior judgement to avoid using superior skills, but I like having superior skills as an option for when my brain goes 'pffft.' Also, ALL my data points are street riding. Having the luxury of the same turn over and over again usually isn't there and so I haven't thought along those lines. (no pun intended) "Maintenance throttle" - yes, I can see how those two definitions cloud each other. I'll refrain from using it in the future. Great stuff! Thanks for making me think!
  6. Other nomenclature questions that I believe apply to the topic (from Ienatsch's SRT) "Throttle steering" - as described above, using the throttle to load the rear tire, increase the tire patch, and increase the radius of turn without changing lean angle "Maintenance Throttle" - not on nor off, however, the bike's speed may increase or decrease based on other factors
  7. Okay, first nomenclature: "maintaining throttle" (by which I assume you mean you stop rolling on, but don't roll off)" I did mean exactly that, is there another term? Second: if there was still room on the pavement to use, it's gonna need to get used. If my turn is that bad, I'm hoping my peripheral vision would have already cued me to that available pavement in conjunction with whatever lean angle I thought I could muster - and perhaps it is 0 degrees more - and my radius of turn would increase ever so slightly with very, very minimal throttle added to make that happen. The weight would still be proportionally shifting to the rear with additional throttle - so I reckon the key there is adding ever so smoothly, maintain the lean angle and keep looking through the exit.
  8. I would answer "maintain throttle" during the steering correction and add throttle as soon as possible afterwards when the bike is re-pointed.
  9. My K1200 has 160+ hp - more than enough to satiate my need for speed and tempt me. The school's S1000RRs have all those amazing electronic aids that I'm sure I'll be inadvertently using during CSS. I'll probably never race and probably never do a track day, but I've learned to "never say never."
  10. A pity! Your experience would indicate you had a lot to offer. Per your advice, I'll stick with the coaches! Ride well, sir!
  11. Thanks coach - I'm missing something important here. I'll do more research, but this may have to wait until 27 May. Happy 5/5!
  12. If I may, Yakaru is also well versed and I've found her postings I've read in other threads to be spot on. 1. I remember reading about how a "high-side" begins...with the aft end of the bike suddenly pushing on the steering stem while the front tire isn't in line. The bike stands up. This can be caused by releasing the rear brake with tires not in line. Or with a sudden acceleration with tires not in line. But pushing on that steering stem is bad when tires are out of line. In a turn, when the throttle is chopped, (or rear brake briefly applied), the front tire is loaded, the front tire has that sudden extra drag, the back of the bike is still moving faster, it briefly pushes on the steering stem, and the bike wants to stand up. Got it. I hope. 2. Rolling on throttle will not cause a lean angle change - got it. But given the same lean angle, with an increase in throttle, the radius of the turn will run wider, correct? And to keep the same radius of turn the lean angle must be increased? Again, I think we're all in the same hymnal, driving toward the same page. Thanks for the guidance, Coach!
  13. Got on the F6B and patronized a local restaurant that was opening backup - the Tin Cow. The exuberance of the staff getting back to work was great to see.
  14. Hopefully it will be "up" and available at Barbers!
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