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  1. Hi Cobie. Do you mean braking, leaning on full brake, then trailing off?
  2. Thanks for all the answers everyone, that was very helpful.
  3. In a corner which has a slight double apex, like corner 3 at Streets of Willow Springs, do you roll off the throttle at all? I can't quite recall what was said at the school. I don't recall rolling off, but I totally might have.
  4. I just attended the two day camp (level 1 and 2) at Willow Springs, which was phenomenal. I was amazed at how much faster I got in two days. A question about trail braking: In class, we looked at a graph of racers' braking timing. In the graph, the onset of braking to peak pressure was very fast, almost instantaneous, and the release (if I recall correctly) was about two seconds long. For the technique, I believe we were told to brake, and then release braking gradually as we leaned the bike and got in on line (so the forks only compress once, first for the braking, which trades off
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