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  1. good evening guys i would like to ask and to get updated about that is new around here so my question is .. what is the best exhaust for Yamaha r6 2017-2020 ...but put in mind that im looking for low and midrange power more than high end power ... for the track use only the bike is 100% stock brand new and it has just 60 miles on it will be fitting the exhaust after i break in the bike thank you in advance 🙏🏼
  2. hello guys im just new here and i hope we can learn from each other 😅 i have been riding a motorcycle since 2008 and i started my first track day in 2016. my first motorcycle was Suzuki hayabusa 😅 i know it is the worst thing to start to learn on a motorcycle hahah but thanks god i learned... in 2014 i got another hayabusa then i sold it in 2016 to get a brand new bmw s1000rr which it was my start of understanding the joy of cornering also in the same year i got to the track day and i really loved it !! so now i got yamaha R6 2020 to be with my s1000rr. and now im here
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