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  1. Yes, i was purposely experimenting with some hard acceleration, while pretty upright and that’s why the wear in the center. I agree, makes sense that the tire did not get warm enough and this caused the cold tearing. I will lower the pressure next time. Thanks to all that answered,
  2. Sounds good, thank you. I’ll try a lower pressure.
  3. Hi, I’m new to the forum and from Canada. I have a Q3+ set on my 2019 s1000xr and I’m getting a weird wear on the center of the rear tire. Only about 500 kms. Image attached. I’ve been running 33F 36R pressure. The front looks good, no issues. Is this indicative of too high of a pressure, like a cold tear? Should I lower the pressure and what temps should I be targeting. I checked the tire temperature with an infrared thermometer and was around 140F-145F, after a few miles on some curvy roads. I did play with the throttle a bit. I know that the infrared thermometer is not ideal since it doesn’t measure deep in the rubber, but probably better than nothing. Thanks in advance,
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