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  1. Thanks Vic. Great point about the bikes having different modes I can use to get comfortable with the bike. I’m thinking about renting a sports bike prior to the dates so I can get used to the riding position. Starting out with Rain mode is an excellent idea.
  2. El Colibri, wow. Thank you for taking the time for the reply. This is great stuff to think about.
  3. Is it better to learn on your own bike on the track, or is it better to mix it up and learn on a different bike like the s1000rr? I’m currently riding a Triumph Bonneville with some performance and suspension upgrades here and there. I love this bike and currently do not have any plans to pursue a street bike. And my goal for the course is to be a better street rider on the twisties. Should I be concerned about transferring what I learn from a type of bike I probably won’t ride except for this course? Of course, I can bring the Bonnie for the 1-Day course but I’m worried I’ll show up with an inappropriate bike for the track. Any thoughts?
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