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  1. Keith you've expressed this as only you can. Thank you - it says everything I feel whenever I throw a leg over my bike. At 81 I still become giddy when I/m going for a ride. I didn't start riding until I was 50. I've never stopped and don't plan on stopping until I/m unable to ride any longer. Thanks so much for all the pleasure your sessions have added to my thrill of riding. I can say without hesitation I/m riding better now than I've ever ridden. I can say without hesitation I owe much of it to you and your incredible program and staff. Best, Steve Berde
  2. Readers - I just got back from levels 3 and 4 at the Ridge in Western WA. I can tell you I had a blast - not only 

    did my confidence improved dramatically along with my skills I had a great time knowing I was improving 

    session after session. 

    My throttle management, body position, entry to the corners, finding the apex of the turn - piece by piece

    it all came together - I particularly like the structured approach to their teaching - it makes sense and yet they keep it fun. I can't say enough good about this program. I'll be back next July for level 4 again. 


    1. Hotfoot


      It was great to see you there, glad you had such great progress and such fun. I look forward to seeing you next year!

  3. I will support tge level idea. Having taken 1 and 2 a number of years apart I found my riding has continued to improve as I put those tools to work. The eyes looking well ahead looking through the turns etc. very ready for 3 and 4
  4. Indeed I will. The Ridge July 9 and 10.
  5. I have the twist of the wrist books 1 and 2 from their original print dates. Are they still relevant in terms of information ? I’m schedule for levels 3 and 4 soon and want to know if I should continue to rely on them. thanks Strv
  6. Thanks Hotfoot I got hold of the office. Everyone is most helpful. thanks. Very excited for my level 3 experience.
  7. HI I've attended two levels, and will be at The Ridge for level 3 in July 2021 For the first time I/m bringing my own bike. It uses a 180 rear and 120 front - I want to purchase tires and have them installed a day before my day at the school. Is this workable ? I remember from a few years ago you did sell tires and have someone there to install them - True ? Thanks Steve
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