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  1. First time attending the school at Barber Motorsports at Level 1 on Memorial Day. It was truly an amazing experience on and off the track with the crew and instructors. Our track instructor Rick was exceptional and help me tremendously implementing the drills throughout the day. The improvements were definitely noticeable from my perspective. The classroom instructions were on point with technical information to make us understand that what we are doing is just not the feeling of riding a bike fast on the track. It exposes all the technical and scientific information behind the techniques. These were much needed information to make the experience unparalleled. I am 51 y-o and been riding on the track for some time. Getting rid of old habits took some time but at the end I left the track with some knowledge that will make my riding easier, safer and faster. I will definitely be back to complete the next levels and will bring my long time track day companion with me (wife) for her Level 1 lesson. Thank you all the CSS team for an amazing experience.
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