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  1. Nevermind, I found it - https://www.etechphoto.com/
  2. Does anyone know who the photographer was at the event yesterday (8/3/21) a VIR? In all the excitement yesterday I totally forgot to go look at photos. I know he had a website address but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.
  3. Best freakin' day ever and I don't say that about many things. If you are sitting on the fence on whether you should attend CSS, get off. I kept waiting for other people to come sign up with me and I finally gave up on them. Best decision I've made in a long time. My sincere thanks to Keith and his crew for an outstanding and smooth event. Any expectations I had were well beyond superseded. Just.... well done folks. I can't wait to come again in May at VIR!! Halfway through the day: It ain't much by today's standards but the ol' VFR was good enough to get me around the track in an honest 2:23 which was a 16 second improvement over my first best lap time! Yeah, OK... I kinda geeked out.😄
  4. Charlottesville. I'm only about 2 hours away from the track.
  5. Throttle and brake are great. Snappy on the throttle and smooth on the brakes. My gloves go up over the joint of my wrist so hopefully that will do the job. Under armor type shirt/shorts was what I was planning on using underwear the racing leathers. Thanks hotfoot. I definitely feel a bit better about my prep work now. I'm likely pulling off the mirrors. Is blue painters tape for the tail light OK? Should I tape the headlights as well?
  6. Found the answer to my question. This is a video from 650ib that he filmed at VIR. You can see the canopy tents in the background @ 5:14
  7. Oh, I did have one other question. My Wife wanted to come with me to spectate and take photos. She was hoping my 10 yr old son could come as well. Is that OK to do? I thought I saw something that said I could only bring one other person with me but now I can't find it again. If my boy can't go then the Missus will have to stay behind as well. B
  8. I'm going through the motion of preparing my bike for August 3rd at VIR which is my first ever track day. The bike is a 2002 VFR in good shape and I don't expect there to be any problems when I get to the track, but I'd hate to show up and find out my bike won't pass safety inspection because I missed something. What I've done so far: Checked all fluids for level and quality confirmed there are no leaks anywhere Installed new brake pads and bedded them in Verified Chain and sprockets - These were replaced about 1000 miles ago and are in good shape Tires have maybe... 600 miles on them and have not been ridden on aggressively. A few questions: I have the original factory cover over the pillion section of the seat. Do I need to remove this? Do I need to remove my mirrors? Is there a checklist I can find somewhere that has all of this information? I have to think there is one out there somewhere but this was all I could find at the CSS site: Good tires (90% TREAD) Good brakes and throttle action No fluid leaks NOTE: We will tape your mirrors at the track. If that's it then I am good to go, but as I said it would be awful to show up and find out different. For Safety gear: 1 yr old Bell Helmet (Qualifier DLX with MIPS) Riding gloves with knuckle protection Leather boots with 10'' upper I'll be renting a suit so hopefully that covers my bases there. My thanks out to the more experienced! B
  9. Thats awesome man! I've been riding for almost that long but had a long break after an accident when I was young and stupid. Some lessons we learn the hard way. I've pretty much got all of my stuff together at this point. Bikes ready and should pass safety inspections with no trouble, I've got a trailer rented to haul it up to VIR with my truck. I have a VFR which isn't the most fuel efficient bike out there (especially under hard riding conditions) so I'm bringing extra fuel as well as a small tool set, cooler, etc... The one question I still have to sort out at this point: Are we able to set up something like a 10x10 canopy tent somewhere or how does that all work? It's August so I expect it is going to be mighty hot out there. Can anyone who has attended the class at VIR give me an idea on how it's set up? Are there indoor areas we can use for fueling and trackside maintenance, etc.. or is it an open area like a parking lot? Ha... I should probably just call the school and ask. 😆
  10. Thanks Red Baron. That definitely gives me a better idea of what to expect. I'll be bringing my VFR800 and renting leathers from the school. I'm going to do the one day class to get started. Given everything I have read/heard/seen about CSS I will likely do the camp next season.
  11. Thanks Guys. August 3rd at VIR can't get here soon enough. I'll give them a call Hotfoot. Should have thought of that to begin with. I need to find out how things are set up as well. This is my first time attending and I need to find out about pit areas and such. Can/should I bring a canopy, cooler... that sort of thing.
  12. I missed going to the CSS for the last two years because I kept waiting on other people who refused to commit. This year I didn't even bother reaching out. Signing up today as soon as I have a couple of quick questions answered. Mostly just making sure a slot is available for me and determining if my wife can attend as a spectator. On the latter, just how that all works. Anyway, I'm beyond stoked about attending the school and lloking forward to getting some track time!
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