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  1. Hi Hotfoot i trust you, but for me it Is a bit strange. I throught that the lean angle had depend on how much the handbars is rotated by the pushing force. I mean with a pushing force on the handbars of 10 kg the handbars rotates of 2 degree and the motorcycle reach the 30 degree lean angle for example and so on.
  2. Hi guys, I try to answer on my own, maybe someone can validate my sentences. The lean angle amount to reach from the motorcycle stand up position is function of how much the handbars is rotated by the force applied (pushing force) For example with a pushing force of 10 kg we reach lean angle of 30 degree The speed to reach 30 degree, instead, depends on how quickly we apply 10kg on the handbars. I hope in some feedbacks
  3. Hi guys, i m new here. I have read some posts in this forum about the countersteering and i have understand that the turn speed rate depends on how hard you push/pull/both on the handbars, not how quickly. What is not clear for me is how to control the lean angle amount, does it depend on how long the pressure Is applied on the handbars? For examole if i apply a little pressure for a long time will i reach the max lean angle X of the motorcycle but with a low speed turn rate, and if i apply a hard pressure i ll reach the same lean angle X in less time, right?
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