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  1. My lower body already moved to the inside before the braking zone. That makes gripping the inside tank during braking awkward. In particular as I drive my inside knee to grip the tank, my inside foot will be pointing inwards (towards to body of bike), making downshifting awkward too (for left turns). Im trying to get used to this but want to make sure that im getting used to the correct technique. so far the other option is to just support my body with the outside thigh instead of grabbing with both knees. yes I have tank grips and I blip the throttle too. Will try to incorporate clutchless downshift. Thanks!
  2. Hi recently I’m learning to move my lower body prior to braking. So when I downshift and brake, I find that I’m using majority of my right arm to support myself from the braking force. Left leg is not squeezing the tank as I have to downshift. Same goes to left arm is loose to downshift. Am I doing this wrong?
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