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  1. I have a few: First time turning a wheel on a race track with WMRRA "taste of racing". I just KNEW I had to race after that. First time coaching with CSS, I thought "I can't believe I got my dream job!" First AMA race sitting on the grid after making qualifying- the most exhilarating feeling ever. Recently riding through the Alps and seeing some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The first few corners at Sachsenring circuit in Germany. Riding with a group of CSS coaches and students at a dirt bike school in the mud and bashing bars and laughing out loud with mud in my eye. AND, the first time I was able to ride with my 6 year old son on track and give him a few pointers and lead him around. So proud
  2. MID OHIO!!! Mid O is my favorite track to ride for the flow and the elevation changes and I liked the accommodations as well (5 mins to the track and yummy breakfast!). Barber is high on the list for the facilities and the track and Streets of Willow gets my vote for being the best track for coaching as it is small, technical, easy to cut through with lots of places to view the students from. Mist
  3. Hehehe, "traction issues," good one! Remember the time we locked him in Will's trailer? I vote for McGoo for Cobie, though I'm not old enough to remember the cartoon, I did witness him step right off the end of the trailer at Mid O and while sitting on his butt in the grass, mention that something must be wrong with his glasses. As for Toohey, maybe "Jack Daniels?" The brits will remember when James volunteered to snort JD through his nose and then promptly scream like a girl while his nose hairs were being burnt off! I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. "Misti" doesn't count as a nickname Misti
  4. Misti, If you want one from the the UK, i would offer Screamer or maybe panic. As my overriding memory of your visit to spain is you making the foolish decision to come back with the boys in our hire van. And duly screaming that we were going to kill you all the way back to the hotel. There were only as i recall two points where we nearly died. Best Jet I thought I had buried that terrifying memory but there you went and brought it all back again! There were WAY more than two points where we nearly died and yes I did scream the entire way back. The scariest part was when the whole lot of you were flinging your bodies to the left or the right when going around corners, trying to flip the darn thing. We had all four wheels off the ground on more than one occasion. I vowed to never let you wankers drive me again "Don't be gentle, it's a rental!" I always wanted a nick name, but "Death Wagon?" Thanks Stuman. "Panic?" Thanks Jet. Misti
  5. So, not only do I NOT have a nickname, but I was REMOVED from the list I get NO LOVE Misti
  6. When is Josh ever NOT in good spirits? I've never seen it
  7. I think this really depends on the rider and how much time they have spent on the "race bike" setting it up and getting used to the differences. On some tracks I was able to go much faster with my built race bike, but on others I actually went faster on a closer to stock bike because there were less adjustments and less stuff to worry about. I did a 1:23 on a stock bike at the Streets of Willow and I did a 1:32.8 at Mid Ohio on my race bike. I have raced both configurations at Shannonville, all on a stock 600CBR but I can't seem to find my times anywhere from those races and I've never ridden the new track at Calabogie. However, I think that if you are running that close to lap record times on your stock bike then you are doing pretty well. I've always been of the mind set that it is better to ride your stock bike as fast as it will go, before moving up to a fully race prepped bike. Just gets you more comfortable with the feel of the bike and understanding what it can do before throwing in all sorts of variables like gearing, motorwork, race gas, suspension adjustments etc etc. Seems like you are doing well at what you are doing and when you are ready to start adding race components to your bike I'm sure you will see your time dropping. I hope that helps, it is a tough question Misti
  8. Hey, Finally made it to the forum, just wanted to say hello! Misti www.mistihurst.com
  9. Hey.... fancy meeting you here See you in March! Misti www.mistihurst.com
  10. Hey yamfz I'm a coach with the school and also live in Vancouver BC. I started racing at wmrra.com which is the club in Seattle. I bought an old beat up old SV 650 and did budget racing for two years before moving onwards and upwards. There is also a track out at Mission and the club there is wmrc.ca. Either place you can get your race licence and head to the track for weekends to practice. The SV is cheap on tires etc, crashes well and doesn't cost much to repair (trust me I threw it down at least 8 times!) People at the track are amazing at helping out new riders and everyone has tricks for saving a buck or two here or there.... Feel free to ask me anything and I hope I can help out! Oh, and I highly recomend a career in motorcycle racaing! It's a blast Misti www.mistihurst.com
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