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  1. While hard on the brakes? maybe, but still highly unlikely. A front tire skid on a race tire that is up to temp is VERY hard to do. About the only way you can do it is to bottom the suspension and then 'pogo' the front end where it hops off the ground a bit. Otherwise, you're more likely to go over the bars... now I'm not outright calling you a 'liar', but I really think that if you had some video you would see something different from a front end slide/skid... Not I can clearly hear the skid, no brakes I,ve got to agree even a badly set bike shouldn't unload the front end whilst on the brakes.Are you sure you are not doing something with the bars or the brake lever when you're blipping the throttle.ie tensing your arms or releasing the brake lever enough to let the front pop back on you.
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