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    Well although Canadian, I do enjoy the odd burst of sunshine. (in between reconstructing my remote villages extensive labyrinth of snow tunnels and igloos...)
    Love riding that bike of mine.. studs or not. It's always ride time somewhere!

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  1. oh! One more thing. I had a phone CAVE on me. I then learned that your number had so long ago been stored in the

    (internal Storage)section of the phone,and not the SIM card like NORMAL SMART people. its 310... something something something, somet.. well.. you get the point. Drop me a text. I'll more than likely know it's you.. I don't have a lot of semi attractive Cali...

  2. heya kid... just wanted to say "Hello"

    Been a very long time. Hope all is well.

    Ttys :)

  3. So, here I go again... for the eighth time I'm sure at least. Been trying unsuccessfully for the last many years to actually get my butt down to California to take that dang course. Couldn't tell you how many times my oilpatch job has made me cancel due to schedule conflicts etc. BUT>... Looks like this time I'm golden. So, as it's been a few years since I've been able to attend... I'm wondering, as I've just returned home and booked my flight, car rental, and now a room.... The question remains... WHERE is everybody staying these days? When you go to Willow? What
  4. LOL.. yes.. i hear you... not much action indeed.. *tumbleweed blows by... thats funny that you were to pick from those two tracks as I have done the two day camps at both of them only. I notice that you were thinking about Reno in 06.. correct me if Im wrong but was that not the first time CSS went to that track?> Needless to say.. that was my first track day. Were you there? Willow was fun for sure. If I had to choose, I think I would say Willow for my favorite out of those two. Better surface, and personally I enjoyed the layout better. Anyway, I realize this is WAAAY late
  5. Hey good for you my friend.. Nice job on the camera mount too.. It will be great for you one day to be able to go back and watch yourself on those tracks that once gave you a hard time. It would be nice to be able to watch yourself as your level of ability/confidence increases! Keep up the good work. Looking good. Cheers.
  6. WOW 7 seconds is HUGE!!! That's bitchen! The secret to getting permission from the wife, is to get her to ride at the school too. Then you'll have Carte Blance! Glad you had a great time. Yes... I agree about the "bringing of the wife... in theory.. but the other problem then is.. she'll wanna ride with you on the street.. which then means that you need to get a bike for her.. gear for her... man.. it's cheaper to just say your going "golfing with the fella's" for the weekend.. OH. and then.. make DARN sure that you stay ShinySide up Cheers.. and let us know how that "wife
  7. Hey Stu~~~ Congrats on your success!!! Glad you showed up, and was good to see you.. It's been a while. Let me see if I can send you a photo or two .. cheers man.. Take care. Aaron. (Let me know if you can, how to add photo's to this post...)
  8. this is me in March of last year... At Reno/Fernley Levels one, two, and three.. and the first time that I ever did get on a bike after a 5 year absence and a horrific crash that almost severed my left leg. 12 compound fractures, a severed quadraceps, and a whole lot of physical therapy! I swore I'd get back on.. now if I can just spend some Quality TIME.. on that track! Thanks CSS. I had a blast
  9. I quite enjoyed level two.. It helped GREATLY with riding at speed... If you can't see faster.. you can't ride faster... NOW.. all that being said.. Once you get Level two drill down (better) you REALLY benefit from LEVEL III~ IT was great.. and it worked fine for me in Level 2, but I have to tell you... Once you learn to incorporate your level two visual skills with your Level Three Body Positioning... Wow ... it really all comes together... I noticed a HUGE difference in the three days I was just at Reno/Fernly Raceway. Good luck, and remember... WORK on the Drills... not t
  10. The only thing that will literally Stand your bike back up... JUST The same way that you put it into that turn direction wise.. is "Steering" input. Correct me if I'm mis-informed, but a motorcycle will not come up out of a turn at any speed by itself, getting on the gas or not. Steering it in and out of a turn are the only single effective ways to "turn in and out quickly, and precisely. Now, going into the turn, and depending on how solid you're body positioning is, attack angle, lean angle, traction angle, and throttle contol are, will dictate how fast you will be able to Steer your m
  11. Paul... or Misty? I had them both. Paul on Day 1, and Misty on Day 3 (They were both incredible to work with) WHAT A BLAST! Wow... all I can say.. is .. ."I'm sooo glad that I did it" And Pete, I agree whole heartedly... CSS is without a doubt, THE most professional group or instructors that I could ever hope to meet or learn from. I took level one thru three in Reno May 3rd-5th. I can't wait to go back, and take another two day camp. My learning curve was ridiculous. Imagine to my suprise, when I after ten years of "putting".. I had to UNlearn all my mistakes, and RElea
  12. lol... doing some reading, and chuckling at the "issue" of not being from the US. I feel for you! I'm from Canada and would love to have a job such as this... What a passion, and to be affiliated with such proffessionalism, (not to mention all that GOODNESS out on the best tracks in America.. *sigh.... Well... here's to me... I"m off to Reno/Fernely for the two day Camp on the 3/4th... Good luck in your quest to find the "right guy/gal" Cheers! Aaron (ShinySide)
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