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  1. So this weekend, I re-watched TotW II, as is my custom. You may recall the scene where the narrator explains the safety of riding the proper line, and then it shows a bike evading a cage that is encroaching on the rider's lane. Well tonight after work, I was riding in the Pleasant Park/Deer Creek Canyon area in Colorado (recently on the news because of forest fire), and sure enough, some jackass comes around a corner COMPLETELY in my lane. Fortunately, my position was correct, and it was a non-issue (other than my thinking murderous thoughts for several minutes). Thank you, Mr. Code.
  2. Vision does appear to be the key issue. Everything flows from being able to "see your line" with the 3-step!
  3. I agree that the "active" vs. "passive" designations are complete rubbish. But semantics aside, I sometimes feel that steering with both hands--at least for me--helps me avoid fighting between hands more than just using the inside hand. If that's truly the case, is there any other reason not to do it?
  4. Someone over at Advrider.com called countersteering with one arm "passive" countersteering and claimed that steering with both arms is "active" counter steering. Is there a reason this technique isn't taught? Thanks!
  5. LOL No worries. I'm afraid the project I'm working on has made me a little testy.
  6. Actually, I own and have read (multiple times) TotW I&II, as well as many other books on the topic of riding technique. I asked whether it was taught in Level III, not what it was. You ignorant buffoon.
  7. Is this technique taught at school, or has it been subsumed by another technique? Thanks in advance. As much as I savor every minute of summer, I can't wait until November for Levels III and IV!! Yee haa!!
  8. I'm taking levels 3 and 4 in November. Which video would you recommend if I want to work on my body positioning between now and then? Thanks.
  9. Man, you guys are bad at math ... If I already paid $2,250 for a 10% improvement in ability, then surely I must owe an additional $2,250 if I improved by 20%! Either way, it was money well-spent!
  10. Keith said something like, "You will have gotten your money's worth from this class if your riding ability improves by 10 percent." So if my riding improved by 20 percent, does that mean I still owe you guys money? : )
  11. I haven't done Level III yet, so I'm no expert, but it seems to me that moving one's body off the center line toward the inside of the corner involves holding onto the bars and that unwanted, extraneous bar inputs could cause the bike to begin turning in before the turn point. Perhaps if you're able to get off the bike using your core muscles without any kind of bar pressure, this wouldn't happen, and the bike would merely lean toward the inside of the curve, without actually turning.
  12. So Cobie, specifically, you're ok with pressuring the outside bar to keep the bike upright during this process?
  13. I did I & II in Las Vegas two weeks ago. I could not believe how powerful those 600s were.
  14. Lee Parks, who gives props to Keith all the time, recommends the following in his book: In approaching a turn, begin hanging off and weighting the inside peg prior to your turn point. Now, if you're going into a left-hander, put a little pressure on the right grip, to counterbalance your body mass, which is already hanging off the left side. This keeps the bike upright until you reach the turning point, at which you push left to initiate your turn. I've not seen this in ToTW2. Is this a bad technique?
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