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  1. Thanks for that but I am a bit more concerned with the back. Does anyone know how much more grippy a medium would be?
  2. I have a 2003 GSXR1000 track bike for having fun on track days here in the UK. The bike came fitted with the Endurance rear and Medium front. These have felt fine to me but as they are needing to be changed I am wondering about getting Medium on the rear and Soft on the front. I'm no racer but I do ride in the fast group (for the UK guys I get round Oulton park in about 1:58 though I believe there is plenty of improvement to come). Does anyone know how much extra grip I might get and how much quicker they would wear out? Thanks
  3. teg I think we are getting at what I am trying to say. Once the product has been chosen you will have found the apex you want and to get that apex you will have a turn in point that will put you there with a good quick turn. Does that not mean that the turn in point is more important? If you miss that turning point do you not have to then adjust your apex point and your product? I'm trying to get this sorted in my own mind so I don't know:) Mike
  4. Hi All I remember a while back there was a thread about which was most important between turn in point and apex point. It was pretty much agreed that the apex point was the most important. What I am struggling with is that if you miss your turn in point, late or early, and turn in quickly then from the "new" turn in point the apex will not be in the same place? From a different turn in point the corner is not the same shape so needs a different apex? Any thoughts? Mike
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