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  1. Thanks for that but I am a bit more concerned with the back. Does anyone know how much more grippy a medium would be?
  2. I have a 2003 GSXR1000 track bike for having fun on track days here in the UK. The bike came fitted with the Endurance rear and Medium front. These have felt fine to me but as they are needing to be changed I am wondering about getting Medium on the rear and Soft on the front. I'm no racer but I do ride in the fast group (for the UK guys I get round Oulton park in about 1:58 though I believe there is plenty of improvement to come). Does anyone know how much extra grip I might get and how much quicker they would wear out? Thanks
  3. Great information Bullet and Steve. I have just bought a GSXR1000 track bike in the UK and the tyres on it say NTEC Sportmax. This doesn't seem to fit with what has been said. There are no GP211 etc numbers. Also they say made in France. Any ideas please?
  4. teg I think we are getting at what I am trying to say. Once the product has been chosen you will have found the apex you want and to get that apex you will have a turn in point that will put you there with a good quick turn. Does that not mean that the turn in point is more important? If you miss that turning point do you not have to then adjust your apex point and your product? I'm trying to get this sorted in my own mind so I don't know:) Mike
  5. Hi All I remember a while back there was a thread about which was most important between turn in point and apex point. It was pretty much agreed that the apex point was the most important. What I am struggling with is that if you miss your turn in point, late or early, and turn in quickly then from the "new" turn in point the apex will not be in the same place? From a different turn in point the corner is not the same shape so needs a different apex? Any thoughts? Mike
  6. Now instead of hanging a full butt cheek off just move somewhere between one to three inches to the side when setting up for the corner... basically very little, see if this lets your outside knee (from the knee to halfway towards the groin) come in contact with the tank more as this is where you will be holding on best (the stronger Quad muscles). If all your contact is close to the groin (abductors) then you wont be able to maintain that pressure for long, best to use the quads which are far more powerful. Picture that your outside knee can be rivetted into the tank...to get to that positio
  7. Ok, I worded it very badly but I think what i'm getting at is this: Would anyone on here think about trying to go into the corners faster to improve lap times? Just seems to be the opposite of what we have read/been taught.
  8. He was making all his time on the entry to the corners. We focus on not charging the turns.
  9. Come on you guys. Here is a guy visibly riding faster than the very best in the world and doing exactly the opposite of what we think is the best way to ride fast?
  10. Hi all At Valencia last week Jorge was clearly gaining on everyone else on the entry to the corners and not losing anything in the corner or on the way out. Any ideas how he did that?
  11. Hello AceBobby I can't wait to hear your comments on Cascades. Lovely corner but I can't work out how the theory of Late quick turn (which I completely agree with and feel working) matches up with how fast riders go round there. Have a look at a google image from above and then watch footage of the BSB boys. Its the 1st left hander after the start finish straight. Have just thought, maybe this should be a different thread? Mike
  12. Great videos Bullet, really useful to watch. How different would your lines be on a 1000cc bike?
  13. OK I think I am finally getting it. They're not really turning where I said, they are just moving the bike in a little and then making the actual turn later at about the white line.... The only trouble with that is it doesn't look like a very quick turn. I'm sure I'll work it out properly eventually. Bullet, thanks for the advice. I'll carry on doing what feels right and not worry about it. I'll keep mulling it over though. Anyway heres a clip below Jaybird, this clip is obviously from the race but they were doing pretty much the same in qualifying and Biaggi definitely does
  14. Cobie, unfortunately I didn't record it and I can't remember how early they got on the throttle. The MotoGP boys will be there soon so I'll watch more closely. Bullet, I completely agree that you need to turn in later rather than early but the WSB boys were not turning late and thats why I'm confused. My turn in point is similar to yours and it feels like it works. I can't imagine starting the turn as early as they do. I can't really understand how the tyres and bikes can make that much difference. This seems to mean that as I get quicker I will need to turn earlier. That can't be righ
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