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  1. It sounds like you are most concerned with "going fast" rather than concentrating on and improving your skills. Smoothness and technique come first; speed comes with lots of experience. You are only riding 6 months. For some people, it takes years and thousands of miles to acquire speed AND the smoothness and proper technique to go along with that speed. When I took Level 1 of CSS at Pocono, I know I was by far the slowest rider out there. Did it bother me? Not at all, because I knew by the end of the day that though my speed may not have improved much, my cornering lines, smoothness, and confidence DID improve. I worked on what I learned, and when I took Level 2, I was still by no means fast, but I did pass a couple people. Get comfortable with yourself and your bike first, and speed will happen in time.
  2. Thank goodness!! I remember the kidney-shaking section all too well!
  3. Great article! I can fortunately say I haven't had any close calls (yet!), but this article sure puts into perspective how and why it can happen. As usual, I always learn something from your wonderful writings, Keith!
  4. I'm not new, either, but just want to give a brief intro. I'm Lisa, a middle-aged old woman who rides an '02 Ninja ZX6R and '02 Kawasaki ZR7S. I've been riding nearly 8 years and have done Levels I & II of CSS at Pocono. I am always learning, and riding is one of my greatest joys in life.
  5. I agree with using one of the school's Ninjas. I enjoyed learning on a track-ready bike that was set up perfectly, and then I was able to feel where my own bike could use some adjusting.
  6. In my humble opinion, to get the most out of the class, you should be comfortable controlling a bike- i.e., shifting, braking, etc. If you're concentrating too hard (as new riders do) on the controls, it would be hard to focus on the various drills to get the most of them. I'd recommend getting some seat time for a year or so.
  7. I'm all set for Level 2 at Pocono Monday, May 15. However, Mother Nature's forecast isn't the greatest, and rain is predicted. I know the classes are "rain or shine". I imagine it wouldn't be too pleasant riding in heavy sodden leathers all day! Is there rain gear available to use? If not, I'm going to have to find some in a hurry that will fit over leathers! Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  8. I'm looking forward to Level 2 in just a few short weeks at Pocono. I'm curious...what are the drills like for Level 2, as compared to Level 1?
  9. When I went to the school, they had AGV leathers. I'm sure AGV has a size chart on their web site, which should give you a good idea of fit.
  10. Hopefully I'll look like that even just a little bit after Level 2 this May!
  11. I'm shopping around for new tires for my '02 Ninja ZX6R, as I'll need them for the upcoming riding season. I've only used the OEM Dunlop 207's, and though I'm very happy with the wear, I'd like to try something different. My riding consists mainly of mountain and country back roads, no track riding, no interstate riding, and the occasional short commute to work. I'm an average street rider, not overly aggressive, but do have occasional "spirited" moments. The Ninja runs that odd 65 series front tire, and not too many manufacturers make that size. Can I run a 70, or will major adjustments need to be made to run that size? With that said, I've been considering the Metzeler Sportec M-1's. The only thing that concerns me is I've read that they wear out quickly. Would they be that bad for someone like me with an average riding style? What tires would you consider? Thanks for your input.
  12. Thanks, Timmer. Actually, I recently picked up the video and have watched that a couple times. I even got out riding this past week to help keep those techniques in mind...rare for January in PA!
  13. I, too, am considering May 15, and will probably reserve my day this evening. The thoughts of returning is pretty exciting, considering what a fantastic time I had with Level I. So perhaps I'll see you there! The best part is the learning, and the great feeling when I realize I finally "got it right"...like the hairpin a.k.a. keyhole at Pocono.
  14. Is there a time limit between taking Level I and being able to take Level II? I took Level I at Pocono in August 2004. Santa gave me a most awesome gift... another day with the California Superbike School at Pocono! Can I take Level II, or is it "too long" since I took Level I? Also, generally speaking, how "difficult" is Level II compared to Level I? I have a sad tendency to underestimate myself; though I did well with Level I, of course I'd be somwhat nervous (though certainly excited!) with Level II. Your input is greatly appreciated.
  15. Actually, the school will improve EVERYONE's riding skill, no matter what type of bike they ride.
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